Kačių kraikas SANICAT Classic + Lavander, 8L


Absorbent mineral litter for everyday hygiene and comfort. Leaves your cat's tray visibly dry and clean. Coarse granules reduce tracking and sticking to paws. Oxygen neutralizes unpleasant odours. Lavender scent provides ongoing freshness. Leaves no dust
Absorbent cat litter
• We recommend pregnant women to avoid any contact with cat feces.• Keep out of reach of children.• Wash your hands after use.• Store in a cool and dry place.
USAGE INSTRUCTIONS1. Fill up the tray with a 3 cm layer of litter.2. Remove faecal matter regularly.3. Completely replace the product once it has been used up and has lost its hygienic properties.4. Discard in the rubbish bin in accordance with local