Ekologiškas vegetariškas kvinojos kepsnys VEGGI DELI, meksikietiškas, LT-EKO-001, 150g


Red and green bell peppers* (46%), quinoa* (14%), canola oil*, water, corn* (5%), WHEAT starch*, EGG white powder*, natural flavourings, spices*, sea salt, thickener (guar gum), cane sugar*.
Vegetarian organic quinoa pattie with Quinoa and Vegetables
Serve in burgers or alone, replacing the "patty" or simply as a side. Feel free to add your favorite spices and herbs and the sauce of your choice. Quickly on both side in a pan with a drop of oil or in the oven.Microwave: 900W - 1min'Oven: 180°C - 5mi