Social accountability policy

We are a company specialized in retail, wholesale and distribution of various goods, committed to provide consumers with good quality products under congenial work place and working conditions that meet the requirements of our customers and international standards.

We seek to be recognized as an equal opportunity employer committed to ensuring a safe, healthy, professional, efficient and enabling work environment for all individuals.

This is planned to be achieved by:

  • Adhering to the SA 8000: 2008 International Standard and complying with the requirements of applicable national and international laws
  • Continued improvement to enhance the workplaces and working environment in the company and ensuring health and safety of all our employees.
  • Assuring equal treatment to all the employees and a strict prohibition of forced and compulsory labour, of child labour, of abusive disciplinary practices.
  • Providing fair remuneration for work, the right for freedom of association and right to collective bargaining, and assuring compliance with applicable legal requirements for working hours.
  • Review our policy to continually improve taking into consideration legislative changes, our own and our customer’s requirements.

This stated policy shall be effectively implemented, maintained and communicated to all our employees, interested parties, and made available to the public by suitable means.