Promo Cash&Carry publication

Biweekly publication of products and discounts that is released on Wednesdays. The publication contains the latest discounts for food, beverages and industrial goods. Do not miss the best deals!

Promo HORECA publication

Monthly publication of products and discounts for HORECA companies and institutions. Each release develops the topics relevant to the sector of HORECA, provides useful advice and wide range of product assortment.

Promo drinks publication

This publication is ment to inform the clients about the assortiment of alcoholic beverages sold in PROMO Cash&Carry stores. Prices indicated in the publication are regular and should not be considered as reduced. The publication contains the prices of beverages that were at the time of when the publication was made, therefore they might change regarding the Sanitex pricing. If the prices in the publication are different from the ones in the price tags, please follow the price tag.