Sanitex LLC Merchandising Division was one of the first in Lithuania to offer the services of merchandising. The activity has been performed since 2003; solid experience is acquired, which guarantees qualitative service and satisfaction of client’s needs.

Exceptionality and advantages of the service offered by us are as follows:

  • professional team and big attention paid to team’s training;
  • equal distribution of merchandising specialists in the entire territory of Lithuania. Seven branches in Lithuania ensure qualitative service in all Lithuanian cities and towns;
  • application of information technologies in performing merchandising service. Constant investments to information technologies increase transparency, particularity and expedition of the service.
prekių priežiūros paslaugos

Merchandising in trading venue

Thorough attention to client's products in trading venue allows reaching their maximum visibility and availability to final consumer.

Merchandising in trading venue is:

  • supplement of products to market shelves from the goods storage place;
  • maximum placement of products according to the order agreed by the client with shopping network;
  • constant efforts to put client’s products to the most saleable places for them;
  • placement of promotional and information material and control of its availability;
  • control of product prices and price labels;
  • control of assortment of products;
  • control of obligations of the shopping networks to the client;
  • additional displays of products;
  • assistance to people working at trading venues in forming product orders.

Product tastings / presentations in retail stores:

  • Strategy preparation and timeline alignment with retail chains.
  • Promotional team selection and training.
  • Professional tasting / presentation execution.
  • Real-time pictures.
  • Detailed report preparation
Produktų degustacijos/prezentacijos didžiuosiuose prekybos tinkluose

Market research and analysis

To our client we can offer reports of different forms that reflect the real situation of a product in the trading venue.

Standard reports:

  • shortages of products in the trading venue with the indicated reason;
  • marking of the most problematic trading venues and shopping networks;
  • report on repeated problems.

Special reports:

  • report on distribution depth – number of positions of different trademarks;
  • report on additional displays;
  • report on place occupied by products on the shelf;
  • report on product shelves and sales prices;
  • report on product visibility and shaping;
  • various questions, the answers to which are collected by managers in trading venues;
  • other reports upon client’s request.

Additional services:

  • distribution of promotional material;
  • timely delivery to the certain stores;
  • installation of promotional material;
  • reports of the done work.

For more information please contact:

Šarūnas Ragauskas
Merchandising Manager
+370 656 55143

Sima Mažutavičiūtė
Marketing specialist / contact regarding product tasting
+370 630 01865