How do I use the ordering system?
The step-by-step ordering instructions are available here.
Please contact your manager if you require any further assistance or additional information.

What should I do if I notice mistakes on my purchase order?
If you notice any discrepancies of quantity, delivery date, etc., please contact our Kaunas Branch by phone at +370 37 401600

Where can I find the product safety data sheets (PSDS)?

  • The PSDS of the manufacturer Procter&Gamble can be found here. Please run a search by product name (rather than barcode).
  • The PSDS of the manufacturer Fater Central Europe SRL can be found here. Please run a search by product name (rather than barcode).
  • The PSDS of the products supplied by other manufacturers can be found in the product description under the Product Document link.

I cannot log in to my online store account. It says that my password is incorrect.
If you are copy-pasting the log in data (your username and password) when signing in, please make sure that the text you are pasting contains no additional symbols, such as spaces or periods. If you are sure that this is not the case and you are still having problems signing in, try entering the log in data manually. Please note that each symbol (e.g. lower or upper case letters, symbols, numbers) is important when typing in the password.

When will my Promo Cash&Carry membership card be ready and where can I collect it?
The Promo Cash&Carry membership cards are made in 7 business days. We will contact you by phone when your card is ready, and you will be able to collect it at the Promo Cash&Carry store which you specified on your application. Click here to order your membership card. If you have any questions about the membership cards, please contact us by phone at +370 37 401155 or by e-mail at cash.carry@sanitex.eu.

I have completed the membership registration form. What do I do next?
Once you have completed the new member registration form, your data will be forwarded to the manager responsible for your city or region. The manager will contact you in 3-4 business days to talk to you about all the agreement conditions. If your manager does get in touch with you in a week, please call us at +370 37 401139.

I am looking for a particular item. How can I find out if you have it in stock and which Promo Cash&Carry store has it?
You can carry out a search of the Promo Cash&Carry stock on the sanitex.eu website. You can run a search of the item you need by the stock keeping unit number (SKU), barcode or the product name. If you want to find out whether a particular Promo Cash&Carry store has the item you are looking for, please contact us by phone at +370 37 401139 (please have the SKU number, barcode or exact product name ready).