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Control purchase

Organisation and implementation of marketing research in order to establish weak and strong sides of supplied services, aggregation and analysis of results. Using a contact list and a questionnaire, which can be supplied by You or our own, agents of the “Sanitex” contacts centre will carry out a marketing research, establish the strengths and weaknesses or Your enterprise and competitors or other enterprises, which are Your actual or potential service providers.

Sales by phone

Active sales by phone, acceptance, registration, transfer or orders. Sales agents of the “Sanitex” contacts centre, who are trained professionally and constantly work with clients, making their calls according to schedule, at convenient times for clients and taking into account their buying history, will carry out active sales of products, acceptance, registration, transfer or orders, presentation of actions, promotions or new products, provide consultations concerning prices, range of goods and their positioning on the shelves.

Management of databases

Checking, updating, adjusting of data, accomplishment of specific tasks.

The “Sanitex” contacts centre, using the service of client redialling, can quickly check the correctness of information contained in Your database, update it (changed addresses, phone numbers, contact persons, enterprises with discontinued operations). We guarantee confidentiality of data.

Market research, sociological polls

Preparation of questionnaires, creation of reports, analysis of results. On the basis of a client’s order, we can prepare professional market research or sociological questionnaires, carry out the polling by any chosen means of communications (telephone, e-mail, Internet or fax), provide results of research and polls along with reports and recommendations.

Credit control

Reminder of due payments. If you have clients who are late in their payments for provided goods or services, personnel of the “Sanitex” contacts centre, using data provided by You, will use phone calls to remind of the agreed payment deadline, due sum and the number of days behind the schedule.

Registration of problems

Registration of problems and complaints. Operators of info line of the “Sanitex” contacts centre will help you to improve clients relations by maintaining a register of clients’ opinions, problems, complaints and notes concerning Your activities, products, services, etc.

Administrative work

Answering to customer queries, sending short messages, handling correspondence.

Reminders and promotional calls.

Call Center

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