Vending products

Pquant sandwich with turkey and peppers, 220 g
Code: VND0114
Barcode: 4771069191126
Chili bread  with ham and salad, 270 g
Code: VND0115
Barcode: 4771069192833
Chili bread with chicken and cheese, 265 g
Code: VND0116
Barcode: 4771069193106
Irish cream flavour coffee drink in powder, 1 kg
Code: U23A38J
Barcode: 5900649072510
Hot chocolate powder DECOMORRENO MV109, 1 kg
Code: U23A38E
Barcode: 5900910008620
Dry coffee creamer MOKATE Premium, 500 g (Topping)
Code: U23A380
Barcode: 5900649059535
Creamer MOKATE to go! Premium, 1 kg
Code: U23A38F
Barcode: 5900649058934
Plastic cups, 300 ml, 65 pcs
Code: U954C06
Barcode: 4011678003831
Stirring sticks, VENDING, 125 mm, 1   pcs
Code: U954B02
Barcode: 8024760791116
Paper cup lid for 180 ml, 100 pcs, white
Code: U954C05
Barcode: 5901460004742