Hot smoked spicy tulips of chicken wings 300 g
Code: V509992
Barcode: 4770276202106
no image
Boiled smoked pork ears, cut, 200 g
Code: V50A2MJ
Barcode: 4770985002295
Hot smoked PROFI beed ham, 1r., ~500 g
Code: V519856
Barcode: 23575982
Boiled smoked chicken wings, premium, ~300g
Code: V509J2A
Barcode: 24985223
Hot smoked beef ham KLAIPĖDOS MAISTAS, 130g
Code: V519518
Barcode: 4770952441980
no image
Hot-smoked ham Kauno, extra class, ~800g
Code: V50A2LW
Barcode: 24985968
Hot smoked chicken broiler stomach, 300 g
Code: V50K113
Barcode: 5900331202591
Hot-smoked bacon, sliced, 1kg
Code: U2601P3
Barcode: 5900244020572
Smoked pork flank  RAGNOS, ~2,5 kg
Code: U509196
Barcode: 2597431
Hot-smoked chicken breast RAGNOS, ~400 g
Code: U509199
Barcode: 2598734
Smoked ribs, ~2 kg
Code: U509198
Barcode: 2563020
Cooked-smoked turkey breast fillet, 120 g
Code: V51985K
Barcode: 4779022430084
Hot smoked VALSTIECIU shoulder, ~2,5 kg
Code: U5091A5
Barcode: 2561460
Hot smoked pork bacon, ~500g
Code: U509110
Barcode: 2372009
Hot - smoked chicken gizzards, 300 g
Code: V519N24
Barcode: 4770276201765
Hot smoked pork fillet with caraway, 9  g
Code: V50C96J
Barcode: 4770081167232
Hot smoked chicken breast, a.r, ~375 g
Code: V51F345
Barcode: 24645211
Hot smoked fillet in Panevezys, ~300 g
Code: V50H559
Barcode: 23514472
Hot smoked duck breast fillet, ~ 250 g
Code: V51KF51
Barcode: 23548988
Flank, hot smoked RAGNOS, kg
Code: V50H558
Barcode: 2598449
Hot smoked Ham Samsono, sliced, 90 g
Code: V50E13E
Barcode: 4770369212449
Hot-smoked pork ham, ~0,35 kg
Code: V50A949
Barcode: 24609411
Hot-smoked pork fillet PANEVEZIO, ~350 g
Code: V50A971
Barcode: 24609407
Smoked pork ears, cut, 3   g
Code: V50C7LH
Barcode: 4770952441645
Hot smoked pork bacon KLAIPEDOS MAISTAS, 130 g
Code: V519515
Barcode: 4770952441362
Hot smoked pork loin,KLAIPĖDOS MAISTAS, 130 g
Code: V519517
Barcode: 4770952441911
Hot smoked bacon, sliced,~ 2,45 kg
Code: V50C780
Barcode: 23003067
Hot smoked pork ham, cut 100 g
Code: U50M561
Barcode: 5903195011125
Boiled-Smoked pork tenderloin, ~1 kg
Code: U50M5A2
Barcode: 2910130