Hot dogs, sausages

Poultry Kabanos Exclusive Easy With Pork 95g
Code: U53001V
Barcode: 5908230524592
Exclusive Easy Kabanos Sausage, 95g
Code: U53001W
Barcode: 5908230524585
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Pork sausages CHORIZ, gently spicy, ~ 1000g
Code: V509J67
Barcode: 23028303
Cold smoked pork sausages DORA Mini, a.r., 200 g
Code: V50AC8U
Barcode: 4779027971025
Dried pork sausages DORA Mini, a.r., 200 g
Code: V50AC8W
Barcode: 4779027971018
Dried SAMSONO Pastry sausages, 220 g
Code: V50E13T
Barcode: 4770369392455
Dried TORRID sausages, a.r., ~ 500 g
Code: V51985L
Barcode: 23526743
Hot smoked KABANOSY sausages, 500 g
Code: V51KF5L
Barcode: 4770609171093
Cold smoked MĖSINGOS sausages, 180 g
Code: V51KF5M
Barcode: 4770609163739
Dried MEAT sausages, 200 g
Code: V51KF5N
Barcode: 4770609162923
Kabanos TARCZYNSKI sausages, with beef, 90 g
Code: U53001R
Barcode: 5908230513398
Fresh pork sausages, ~0,5 kg
Code: V50A90U
Barcode: 24609547
Cooked sausages ROKISKIO EKSTRA,a.r., 500g
Code: V50A2L8
Barcode: 4770985000369
Dried sausages PAGAMINTA BE KONSERVANTŲ, 25  g
Code: V50A99W
Barcode: 4770609165153
Lightly smoked sausages, thick, I r.,  ~1kg
Code: V50A2L5
Barcode: 2534683
Dried pork sticks  KUBIETISKOS, 200 g
Code: V50C27U
Barcode: 4770480163149
Boiled sausauges ROKISKIO MESINE Skanutes, 260 g
Code: V51K53Y
Barcode: 4770985000147
Turkey sausage HOT DOG, 1 kg
Code: V509P4L
Barcode: 5901869012799
Dried TORRIDO sausages, 50  g
Code: V50H54H
Barcode: 4770959441006
Cabana sausage TARCZYNSKI Exclusive, II r., 105 g
Code: U53001L
Barcode: 5908230521485
Boiled mini sausages GIMINIU, 26  g
Code: V50A70P
Barcode: 4770081165085
Dried beef sausages DORA Mini, a.r., 200 g
Code: V50AC8V
Barcode: 4779027971476
Cooked BIOVELOS, milky sausages, 260g
Code: V50A702
Barcode: 4770118402817
Boiled  Klaipedos sausages RAGNOS, 28  g
Code: V50A878
Barcode: 4771459045206
Boiled Klaipedos sausages RAGNOS, kg
Code: V50A901
Barcode: 2598489
Hot dog sausages RAGNOS, 1 kg
Code: U51943A
Barcode: 5900751009671
Dried sausage Kabanos, Exclusive go, II r., 50 g
Code: U53001J
Barcode: 5908230514340