Cooked SAMSON smoked shank roll, ~ 380  g
Code: V50E18U
Barcode: 24369317
Boiled roll tongue and ear, ~500g
Code: V50A2LC
Barcode: 24985122
Boiled roll tongue, ~400g
Code: V50A2LF
Barcode: 24985130
Boiled chicken roll with tongue, ~350g
Code: V50A2LK
Barcode: 24985148
Cooked roll UZKANDINIS, extra, ~1,3 kg
Code: V50C97A
Barcode: 2553728
Boiled pork's tongs roll, ~380 g
Code: V50E13S
Barcode: 2597194
Rural shank roll, ~ 425 g
Code: V50CA36
Barcode: 2595328
BOBUTĖS roll, ~425 g
Code: V50CA37
Barcode: 2595331
Pork roll SEFO, ~425 g
Code: V50CA34
Barcode: 23514512
Bacon roll, extra, ~425 g
Code: V50CA38
Barcode: 2595333