Cutlets with fried onions, 590 g
Code: V509P8J
Barcode: 5900331201440
Pork grill sausages Italiskos, 500 g
Code: V50A9C0
Barcode: 4770609162589
Marinated ISKYLOS shashlik, in
Code: V50A9M3
Barcode: 2535160
Cooked roll UZKANDINIS, extra, ~1,3 kg
Code: V50C97A
Barcode: 2553728
no image
Medallions with cheese, 315 g
Code: V51K55M
Barcode: 5900331201723
Bacon roll, extra, ~400 g
Code: V50CA38
Barcode: 2595333
Baked medallions, gourmet, 315 g
Code: V51K55U
Barcode: 5900331201846
Baked medallions with mushrooms, 315 g
Code: V51K55S
Barcode: 5900331201655
Chicken kebab, I class, 400g
Code: U519420
Barcode: 5902461007886
Boiled pate FIRMINIS, ~680 g
Code: U50M581
Barcode: 2930130
Cooked pork pate 0,3 kg
Code: V50914C
Barcode: 4770952441157