Greaves spread,  ROKIŠKIO MĖSINĖ, 300 g
Code: V51A812
Barcode: 4770985000543
Cutlets for everyday, 700 g
Code: V51K55X
Barcode: 5900331201310
Cutlets with goose meat, 700 g
Code: V51K55Y
Barcode: 5900331201402
Rural shank roll, ~ 420 g
Code: V50CA36
Barcode: 2595328
Turkey ham roll with ears ~ 420 g
Code: V50CA30
Barcode: 2595330
Roasted chicken wings, kg
Code: U50L11K
Barcode: 2940337
Grilled smoked shank with garlic, ~0,7 kg
Code: V50C787
Barcode: 23952458
Natural ham rollet with tongue, kg
Code: V50CA45
Barcode: 2595322
Chicken tasty rollet, boiled, kg
Code: V50CA53
Barcode: 2595332
Grill sausages with herbs, 495 g
Code: V509JF1
Barcode: 4770513114070