Breaded Chicken Inner Fille, 350g
Code: U50911R
Barcode: 5902461005967
Fried chicken breast MORLINY in breadcrumbs, 1 kg
Code: U519438
Barcode: 5902461005820
Turkey hamburger, 250 g
Code: U519439
Barcode: 5903834000091
Fried cutlet POZARSKIO, 350 g
Code: V50914F
Barcode: 4770952441706
Boiled roll tongue and ear, ~500g
Code: V50A2LC
Barcode: 24985122
Boiled roll tongue, ~400g
Code: V50A2LF
Barcode: 24985130
Boiled chicken roll with tongue, ~400g
Code: V50A2LK
Barcode: 24985148
Salted pork fat DORA, a.r., ~250 g
Code: V50AC83
Barcode: 2595615
Boiled liver roll, ~400g
Code: V50AE10
Barcode: 2536095