Turkey meat balls, 1 kg
Code: U50917C
Barcode: 5903834001579
Boiled roll tongue and ear, ~500g
Code: V50A2LC
Barcode: 24985122
Boiled Pasta ROKIŠKIO MESINĖ Aukštaičiai, 200 g
Code: V51K54E
Barcode: 4770985000284
Fried chicken breast MORLINY in breadcrumbs, 1 kg
Code: U519438
Barcode: 5902461005820
Boiled roll tongue, ~400g
Code: V50A2LF
Barcode: 24985130
Baked Pate with Dried Tomatoes  180 g
Code: V51984X
Barcode: 4770959443154
Greaves spread,  ROKIŠKIO MĖSINĖ, 300 g
Code: V51A812
Barcode: 4770985000543
Breaded Chicken Inner Fille, 350g
Code: U50911R
Barcode: 5902461005967
Boiled chicken roll with tongue, ~350g
Code: V50A2LK
Barcode: 24985148
Salted pork fat DORA, a.r., ~250 g
Code: V50AC83
Barcode: 2595615
Baked pork liver pate, 180 g
Code: V51984Y
Barcode: 4770959443147
Boiled pate FIRMINIS, ~680 g
Code: U50M581
Barcode: 2930130
Chicken burger MORLINY, 250 g
Code: U51943X
Barcode: 5900751012794
Sūdytas kiaulienos kumpis, ~500 g
Code: V51K54U
Barcode: 23027758
Chicken kebab, I class, 400g
Code: U519420
Barcode: 5902461007886
Cooked pork pate 0,3 kg
Code: V50914C
Barcode: 4770952441157
Pork lard, melted, edible, 250 g
Code: U5091KY
Barcode: 5900562072918
Scald pate GIMINIU, 12  g
Code: V50A696
Barcode: 4770081163142
Cooked roll UZKANDINIS, extra, ~1,3 kg
Code: V50C97A
Barcode: 2553728
Roast NETIKRAS ZUIKIS, vacuum, ~0,45 kg
Code: V5099J4
Barcode: 24276293
Pate Vaikams, 15  g
Code: V50A699
Barcode: 4770081165429
Boiled pork's tongs roll, ~380 g
Code: V50E13S
Barcode: 2597194
Fried cutlet POZARSKIO, 350 g
Code: V50914F
Barcode: 4770952441706
Breakfast pate, 150 g
Code: V50A994
Barcode: 4770609026058
Cooked smoked shank roll, ~ 380  g
Code: V50E18R
Barcode: 24369550
Beef liver pate, 200 g
Code: U509A05
Barcode: 4740574090101
Fried chicken rolls, 500 g
Code: V509115
Barcode: 4770952440532
Delikatess pork liver pate, 200 g
Code: U509A07
Barcode: 4740574009318
Rural shank roll, ~ 425 g
Code: V50CA36
Barcode: 2595328
Fried chicken fillet nuggets KLAIPEDA FOOD, 300 g
Code: V519523
Barcode: 4770952441997
Chicken liver pate, 200 g
Code: U509A0E
Barcode: 4740574090354
Balls fried CHICKEN ~2 kg
Code: V50C78H
Barcode: 23003610
Natural ham rollet with tongue, ~425 g
Code: V50CA45
Barcode: 2595322
Balls fried CHICKEN with chees ~2 kg
Code: V50C78J
Barcode: 23043333
Grilled smoked shank with garlic, ~0,7 kg
Code: V50C787
Barcode: 23952458
BOBUTĖS roll, ~425 g
Code: V50CA37
Barcode: 2595331
Pork roll SEFO, ~425 g
Code: V50CA34
Barcode: 23514512
Cutlets for everyday, 700 g
Code: V51K55X
Barcode: 5900331201310
Bacon roll, extra, ~425 g
Code: V50CA38
Barcode: 2595333
Cutlets with goose meat, 700 g
Code: V51K55Y
Barcode: 5900331201402
Cutlets with fried onions, 590 g
Code: V509P8J
Barcode: 5900331201440