Meat products

Dried pork snack MEATOS, 30g
Code: U2601U8
Barcode: 4779037670109
no image
Duck confit ROUGIE, in can, 4 - 5 pcs, 1,35 kg
Code: U51U1CN
Barcode: 3161450181484
Chicken Chips with fillet and roasted chicken, 25 g
Code: U53001S
Barcode: 5908230526770
Classic Pork chips with ham, 25 g
Code: U53001T
Barcode: 5908230526763
Pork chips with paprika flavour 25 g
Code: U53001U
Barcode: 5908230526749
Poultry Kabanos Exclusive Easy With Pork 95g
Code: U53001V
Barcode: 5908230524592
Exclusive Easy Kabanos Sausage, 95g
Code: U53001W
Barcode: 5908230524585
Hot smoked spicy tulips of chicken wings 300 g
Code: V509992
Barcode: 4770276202106
no image
Pork sausages CHORIZ, gently spicy, ~ 1000g
Code: V509J67
Barcode: 23028303
Dried beef, ~ 100g
Code: V509J68
Barcode: 23028304
no image
Pork ribs BBQ, smoked, ~ 1000g
Code: V509J6A
Barcode: 23028305
Cured beef THE MEAT MAKERS Original Hot, a.r., 25 g
Code: V50AC8P
Barcode: 4779027970943
Cured beef DORA Tradicinė, a.r., 200 g
Code: V50AC8S
Barcode: 4779027970257
Dried pork DORA, a.r., 100 g
Code: V50AC8T
Barcode: 4779027971346
Cold smoked pork sausages DORA Mini, a.r., 200 g
Code: V50AC8U
Barcode: 4779027971025
Dried pork sausages DORA Mini, a.r., 200 g
Code: V50AC8W
Barcode: 4779027971018
Boiled SAMSONAS DAKTARIŠKA sausage, ~ 1 kg
Code: V50E11T
Barcode: 23556635
Dried SAMSONO Pastry sausages, 220 g
Code: V50E13T
Barcode: 4770369392455
Cooked SAMSON smoked shank roll, ~ 380  g
Code: V50E18U
Barcode: 24369317
Cooked ham PROFI, 880g
Code: V50E19P
Barcode: 4770369391038
Boiled pork ham PROFI, 1,5kg
Code: V50E19V
Barcode: 4770369391571
Dried chicken fillet strips TALLEGG, 80 g
Code: V50H562
Barcode: 4740046001352
Boiled ham, PROFI, molded. 1Kg
Code: V50H56A
Barcode: 4771459074077
Hot smoked PROFI beed ham, 1r., ~500 g
Code: V519856
Barcode: 23575982
Dried TORRID sausages, a.r., ~ 500 g
Code: V51985L
Barcode: 23526743
Fresh sausages, with cumin, 500 g
Code: V51K56Y
Barcode: 4770985002226
Hot smoked KABANOSY sausages, 500 g
Code: V51KF5L
Barcode: 4770609171093
Cold smoked MĖSINGOS sausages, 180 g
Code: V51KF5M
Barcode: 4770609163739
Dried MEAT sausages, 200 g
Code: V51KF5N
Barcode: 4770609162923
Dried pork lion Lomo, sliced, Extra class, 80g
Code: U2601R2
Barcode: 8410320023801
Dried ham Jamon serrano, sliced, I class, 80g
Code: U2601RA
Barcode: 8410320027779
Boiled chopped sausage CAMPOFRIO, sliced, 115 g
Code: U2601S0
Barcode: 8410320001496