no image
Mint, prepackaged, 50 g
Code: F007093
Barcode: 301351
no image
Rosemary prepacked, 50 g
Code: F007110
Barcode: 301352
no image
Code: U33A113
Barcode: 427
Korean beets, 400g
Code: V26E5A0
Barcode: 4779023972507
Rustically pickled cucumbers, 300 g
Code: V26M5M8
Barcode: 4771522074096
no image
Korean carrots, 400g
Code: V330189
Barcode: 4779023972484
Korean cabbage, 400g
Code: V330210
Barcode: 4779023972491
Boiled chickpeas, 400 g
Code: V330215
Barcode: 4779023972361
no image
Salad mix ELITE, in bag, 0,5 kg
Code: V33028S
Barcode: 591
no image
Chanterelle, 200 g
Code: V330423
Barcode: 4779021901752
no image
Dushi button,, pcs.
Code: V332263
Barcode: 301417
no image
Peper Carolina, 50 g
Code: V33227N
Barcode: 8718963182917
no image
Peeled potatoes INV, 5 kg
Code: V332673
Barcode: 478
no image
Persimonai  Bollo 1 cat., kg
Code: V3326JN
Barcode: 288
Red onions, cutted, 250 g
Code: V504171
Barcode: 4779027041117
Salad Lollo Rosso, ~ 150g, pcs
Code: V5042FA
Barcode: 4779048440265
Salad Lollo Bionda, ~150g, pcs
Code: V5042FZ
Barcode: 4779048440258
no image
Curly parsley, 50 g
Code: V5042HC
Barcode: 4779048440418
Zeppelin dough, 1 kg
Code: V50E1C3
Barcode: 4770369212388
Peeled boiled potatoes with herbs, 1 kg
Code: V50E1C4
Barcode: 4770369392509
Grated potatoes in bucket, 900 g
Code: V50E1C5
Barcode: 4770369390918
no image
Apple Pink lady, kg
Code: V9H121K
Barcode: 315
no image
Peeled onions, 5 kg
Code: V9NC552
Barcode: 529
no image
Peeled carrots, 5 kg
Code: V9NC553
no image
Mandarins with leaves, I class, kg
Code: V9NC575
Barcode: 167
Mandarins in box, 2 kg
Code: V9NC576
Barcode: 4050373132460
no image
Broccoli sprouts, 50 g
Code: V9NC57U
Barcode: 8711839002005
no image
Packed sauerkrauts, in vacuum, 1 kg
Code: V9NC591
Barcode: 4771535072102
no image
Potato grater, 5kg, KVU
Code: V9NC593
Barcode: 4771535072508
no image
Carrots in straws, 5 kg, INV
Code: V9NC594
Barcode: 4771535072225
no image
Carrots in cubes, 5 kg, INV
Code: V9NC595
Barcode: 4771535072256
no image
Carrots in straws, 5 kg, INV
Code: V9NC596
Barcode: 4771535072232
no image
Red  paprika, I class, kg
Code: X201456
Barcode: 618
no image
Cherry tomatoes, I class, kg
Code: X201995
Barcode: 193
no image
Melons, kg
Code: X205186
Barcode: 148
no image
Asparagus, green, green, 450 g
Code: X205384
Barcode: 301294
no image
Parsley flat, kg
Code: X205449
Barcode: 362
no image
Yellow paprika, I class, kg
Code: X205451
Barcode: 161
no image
Green  paprika, I class, kg
Code: X205453
Barcode: 159
no image
Leeks, kg
Code: X205455
Barcode: 170
no image
White radish, kg
Code: X205458
Barcode: 183
no image
Lettuce GENTILE, I class, kg
Code: X205459
Barcode: 583
no image
Lettuce ROMAINE, I class, kg
Code: X205461
Barcode: 355