Canned fish

Herring fillets in tomato sauce, 190 g
Code: V260N0E
Barcode: 4779020981144
Salmon in its own juice, 230 g
Code: V260N0M
Barcode: 4779020982752
Mackerel fillets in tomato sauce, 170 g
Code: V260N0S
Barcode: 4779020983636
Mackerel fillets with oil, 170 g
Code: V260N0T
Barcode: 4779020983629
Sterlet with oil VASAKNOS, 240 g
Code: V260N10
Barcode: 4779020986613
Surgeon in own juice VASAKNOS, 240 g
Code: V260N11
Barcode: 4779020986606
Salmon fillets in spices cream, 170 g EO
Code: V260N12
Barcode: 4751007732840
Salmon fillets in tomato cream, 170 g EO
Code: V260N13
Barcode: 4751007732833
Salmon fillets in mustard cream, 170 g EO
Code: V260N14
Barcode: 4751007732864
Eel in jelly VASAKNOS, 200 g
Code: V260N15
Barcode: 4779020987221
Surgeon in oil VASAKNOS, 240 g
Code: V260N16
Barcode: 4779020987306
Herring with spices, without the head, 1,3 kg
Code: V508270
Barcode: 4770221362022