Canned fish

Salmon with dried tomatoes, 110 g
Code: U260P3S
Barcode: 5901069001296
Royal salmon, 110 g
Code: U260P3T
Barcode: 5901069001265
Salmon with lemon pepper, 110 g
Code: U260P3U
Barcode: 5901069001289
Catfish with raisins, 110 g
Code: U260P3V
Barcode: 5901069001876
Catfish in barbecue sauce, 110 g
Code: U260P3W
Barcode: 5901069001883
Cod liver, 115/60 g
Code: U260P3X
Barcode: 5901069001531
Riga sprats in oil, 100 g
Code: U261118
Barcode: 4750616000210
Smoked sprats in oil, 240 g EO
Code: U261119
Barcode: 4750616001262
Sprats in oil, 240g
Code: U261121
Barcode: 4751007730624
Tuna Chunks in Brine, JOHN WEST, 145/102g
Code: U262A10
Barcode: 5000171058225
Tuna chunks HAPPY SEA,  in brine 185/130 g
Code: U262A17
Barcode: 9001397500884
Tuna Chunks in Brine, JOHN WEST, 160/112g
Code: U262A18
Barcode: 5000171058249