no image
Soup set, fishhead, tail and bones,~kg
Code: U4311CS
Barcode: 23028250
no image
Mahi Mahi cuts, kg
Code: U51A647
Barcode: 23566707
no image
Red snapper, kg
Code: U51A64T
Barcode: 23566976
no image
Humpback snapper, kg
Code: U51A64U
Barcode: 23566977
no image
Trevally, kg
Code: U51A64W
Barcode: 23566979
no image
Emperor, kg
Code: U51A64X
Barcode: 23566980
no image
Mahi Mahi, kg
Code: U51A64Y
Barcode: 23566981
no image
Grouper, kg
Code: U51A658
Barcode: 23566982
no image
Red grouper, kg
Code: U51A659
Barcode: 23566983
no image
Rainbow runner, kg
Code: U51A65J
Barcode: 23566990
no image
Emperor steaks, kg
Code: U51A65M
Barcode: 23566997
no image
Spotted rose snapper, gutted, 250-800g, kg
Code: U51A65N
Barcode: 23567001
no image
Gold-spotted Sweetlips, kg
Code: U51A65P
Barcode: 23566709
no image
Bluespotted seabream, kg
Code: U51A65R
Barcode: 23567002
no image
Thawed moonfish boneless, skinless
Code: U51A771
Barcode: 23566953
no image
California seriol, 2-3 kg, ~ 10 kg
Code: U52S26E
Barcode: 23566945
no image
California Seriol steaks, kg
Code: U52S26F
Barcode: 23566946
no image
California seriole fillet, kg
Code: U52S26H
Barcode: 23566947
no image
Black Cod, 1.8-2.7 kg
Code: U52S26J
Barcode: 23566968
no image
Black Cod steaks, kg
Code: U52S26N
Barcode: 23566972
no image
Black Cod fillets, kg
Code: U52S26P
Barcode: 23566973
no image
Pout, kg
Code: U52S26W
Barcode: 23566702
no image
Whiting, kg
Code: U52S26X
Barcode: 23566703
no image
Common Dab, kg
Code: U52S26Y
Barcode: 23566704
no image
Thunnus albacares, 28+kg
Code: U52S278
Barcode: 23563506
no image
Seriola quinqueradiata,~9kg
Code: U52S279
Barcode: 23556306
no image
Bluefin tuna, 28+kg
Code: U52S27E
no image
Yellowfin tuna Sashimi fillet, 2-4.5kg
Code: U52S27H
Barcode: 23566944
no image
Great redfish, uncut, 700g-1,5 kg, ~ 3 kg
Code: U52S27K
Barcode: 23028556
no image
French Gurnard, kg
Code: U52S27N
Barcode: 23566705
no image
Blue and Yellow Grouper, kg
Code: U52S27P
Barcode: 23566706
no image
Red mullet fish, 150-300gr. ~3 kg
Code: U52S29A
Barcode: 23566932
no image
Fresh European smelt, kg
Code: V508495
Barcode: 23545780
no image
Seabass, not gutted, kg
Code: V50JLA2
Barcode: 221209
no image
Seabream, not gutted, kg
Code: V50JLA3
Barcode: 221210
no image
Turbot cuts, kg
Code: V50JLCH
Barcode: 23028243
no image
Seabass  G&G
Code: V50JLCJ
Barcode: 23028347
no image
Seabream G&G
Code: V50JLCK
Barcode: 23028348
no image
Oysters ADRI & ZOON Poesie -3,1 box, 24 pcs
Code: V50JLCM
Barcode: 4771459689288