Chilled fish and fish products

Squid Salad, 15  g
Code: U508335
Barcode: 4810168009106
Salmon salad, 15  g
Code: U508337
Barcode: 4810168011581
Krill spread ANTARCTICA, lightly smoked,150 g
Code: U50833C
Barcode: 4810168035792
Marinated seaweed SANTA BREMOR, 150 g
Code: U508340
Barcode: 4810168020309
Sea kale pickled spicy with aubergines, 150 g
Code: U508341
Barcode: 4810168020361
Sea kale pickled spicy with carrots, 150 g
Code: U508343
Barcode: 4810168020392
Seaweed salad "Chucka", 150 g
Code: U508344
Barcode: 4810168023478
Boiled shrimp meat SANTA BREMOR, Original, 250 g
Code: U51834H
Barcode: 4810168048587
Large surimi shrimps VIČI in brine, 320g
Code: V50714A
Barcode: 4770190066907
Large surimi shrimps VIČI in cili taste oil, 320g
Code: V50714B
Barcode: 4770190073134
Crab sticks SANTA BREMOR, chilled, 100 g
Code: U508314
Barcode: 4810168001940
Krill spread ANTARCTICA Classic, 150 g
Code: U50833B
Barcode: 4810168035785
Squid straws in brine, 200 g
Code: U5083AF
Barcode: 4810168029937
Fried baltic herring with tomato sauce 0,32kg
Code: V508P41
Barcode: 4770432006975
Fried fish cutlets with tomato sauce 0,32kg
Code: V508PD0
Barcode: 4770432007019
Lightly salted herring fillet FJORDS, in oil, 240 g
Code: V518E1D
Barcode: 4771459065792
Atlantic mackerel, head on, cheek, kg
Code: V52S287
Barcode: 23575497
Cold crab sticks SANTA BREMOR, 200 g
Code: U508315
Barcode: 4810168001957
Fried baltic herring in jelly 0,32kg
Code: V508P43
Barcode: 4770432006982
Fried fish cutlets with tomato sauce 1kg
Code: V508PD1
Barcode: 4770432007026
Herring fillet FJORDS, with spices, 240 g
Code: V518E1E
Barcode: 4771459065808
Chilled snow crab sticks SANTA BREMOR, 150 g
Code: U508316
Barcode: 4810168011024
Herring fillet FJORDS, smoky flavor, 240 g
Code: V518E1F
Barcode: 4771459065815
Herring fillet in oil MATIES Original, 1 kg
Code: C046054
Barcode: 4810168004392
Crab salad with shrimp and pineapple, 15  g
Code: U508336
Barcode: 4810168024789
Herring fillet MATIES pieces, with spices, 200 g
Code: E19C825
Barcode: 4810168018801