Smoked sprats in oil, EO, 240 g
Code: U261273
Barcode: 4750616000302
Sprats in tomato sauce, 240 g
Code: U260211
Barcode: 4750398900050
Mackerel in tomato sauce, 240 g
Code: U260335
Barcode: 4750398902597
Salmon salad italian style, 240 g EO
Code: U26033N
Barcode: 4750300001929
Fish balls in tomato sauce, 240 g
Code: U260350
Barcode: 4751001589655
Sprats in oil, 250 g
Code: U260352
Barcode: 4751001585572
Herring in tomato sauce, 240 g
Code: U260355
Barcode: 4750398902252
Baltic herring in oil BRIVAIS, 190 g
Code: U261112
Barcode: 4750616000258
Tuna chunks in oil MIKADO, 1,705 / 1,26 kg
Code: U2636EU
Barcode: 4007415000157
Natural canned fish. Antarctic krill 105g
Code: U51839J
Barcode: 4810168050542
Cuttle fish in vegetable oil, 110 g
Code: U9JA5NA
Barcode: 8436007952257
Mussels in marinade, 120 gr.
Code: U9JA5NE
Barcode: 8436007954244
Octopus pieces with garlic flavour, 120 g
Code: U9JA5NH
Barcode: 8436007951830
Sardines ORTIZ Old Style, 140 g
Code: U9JA5Y1
Barcode: 8411320801055
Squids in their own ink ol, 111g
Barcode: 8436007952271
Sterlet with oil VASAKNOS, 240 g
Code: V260N10
Barcode: 4779020986613
Surgeon in own juice VASAKNOS, 240 g
Code: V260N11
Barcode: 4779020986606
Fish balls in tomato sauce, 240 g
Code: U260221
Barcode: 4750398900081
Sardines in juice with oil, 240 g
Code: U260343
Barcode: 4750398900241
Sprats in oil, 170 g
Code: U260P3N
Barcode: 5901069000442
Pieces of tuna in own juice MIKADO, 1880/1260  g
Code: U2636EN
Barcode: 4007415014499
Squid tentacles, in oil, 120 g
Code: U263898
Barcode: 8436007951694
Octopus pieces in marine sauce ol, 111g
Code: U9JA5NJ
Barcode: 8436007951700
Cod liver in oil, 240 gr.
Code: U9JA5NK
Barcode: 4751006980792
Anchovy fillets in oil, 3 x 45 g / 23 g
Code: U9JA5R0
Barcode: 8436007959775
Surgeon in oil VASAKNOS, 240 g
Code: V260N16
Barcode: 4779020987306
Sardines in tomato sauce, 240 g
Code: U260345
Barcode: 4750398902269
Sprats in oil, 100 g
Code: U261118
Barcode: 4750616000210
Tuna chunks in oil MIKADO, 185 / 130 g
Code: U2636EL
Barcode: 4007415000058
Octopus tentacles, in oil, 950 g
Code: U263899
Barcode: 8436007954602
Sprats in oil with flavor, 240 g EO
Code: U261119
Barcode: 4750616001262
Tuna chunks in brine MIKADO, 185 / 130 g
Code: U2636EM
Barcode: 4007415000034
Anchovy fillets in oil, 0,95kg / 0,6 kg
Code: U9JA5R5
Barcode: 8436007950277
Sprats in oil, 160 g
Code: U261114
Barcode: 4750616000135
Tuna in vegetable oil PESCAMAR, tin, 1000/650 g
Code: V260725
Barcode: 8410599024790
Sprats in oil, 240g
Code: U261121
Barcode: 4751007730624
Tuna in vegetable oil, in vacuum 1 kg
Code: U263894
Barcode: 8436007955845
Tuna chunks in sunflower oil, 0,9 kg
Code: U263895
Barcode: 8436007954831
Tuna chunks in vegetable oil, 1 kg
Code: U263896
Barcode: 8436033878514
Sprats in oil (easy open) 240g
Code: U9JA5S9
Barcode: 4750571001345
Tuna chunks in brine, in vacuum 1,95 kg
Code: U263897
Barcode: 8436033878637
Tuna in oil, 240/156 g (3 x 80 g)
Code: U263891
Barcode: 8436007950017
Tuna Chunks in Brine, JOHN WEST, 145/102g
Code: U262A10
Barcode: 5000171058225
Sprats in oil 160 g
Code: U9JA5RJ
Barcode: 4750571000164
Frayed sprats oil, 240 g
Code: U260215
Barcode: 4750398642240
Sprats in tomato sauce chili (easy open) 240 g
Code: U9JA5N2
Barcode: 4750571002472
Tuna Chunks in Brine, JOHN WEST, 160/112g
Code: U262A18
Barcode: 5000171058249