no image
Pout, kg
Code: U52S26W
Barcode: 23566702
no image
Whiting, kg
Code: U52S26X
Barcode: 23566703
no image
Common Dab, kg
Code: U52S26Y
Barcode: 23566704
Herring fillets in oil, 170 g, E/O
Code: U260P3A
Barcode: 5901069000596
no image
Mahi Mahi cuts, kg
Code: U51A647
Barcode: 23566707
SVENTINE herring fillet in oil, 1 / 0,8 kg
Code: V508P1V
Barcode: 4770432199875
Herring fillets in tomato sauce, 170 g, E/O
Code: U260P3C
Barcode: 5901069000763
no image
Gold-spotted Sweetlips, kg
Code: U51A65P
Barcode: 23566709
Herring fillet SKANDINAVIŠKA 0,45 kg.
Code: V508P2L
Barcode: 4770432200311
no image
Red grouper, kg
Code: U51A659
Barcode: 23566983
Herring fillet GARDŽIOJI 0,45 kg.
Code: V508P2M
Barcode: 4770432200335
no image
Cod fillet, with skin 200-500 g, ~ 10 kg
Code: U51A65T
Barcode: 23567005
Herring fillet "Šventinė" 0,45 kg.
Code: V508P2N
Barcode: 4770432200359
Herring, special curing, without heads, 1,3 kg
Code: V508272
Barcode: 4770221362039
Herring in juice with oil, 240 g
Code: U260353
Barcode: 4750398900159
Salted herrings, with heads  1,3kg.
Code: V508P40
Barcode: 4770432002250
Herring with spices, without the head, 1,3 kg
Code: V508270
Barcode: 4770221362022
Souse herring fillet in oil, 1 / 0,8 kg
Code: V508P1X
Barcode: 4770432199080
Lightly salted herring fillet in oil, 1 / 0,8 kg
Code: V508P1Y
Barcode: 4770432199097
Souse herring rolls with vegetables, 500 g
Code: V508P7A
Barcode: 4770432200304
Herring fillet with mayonnaise and beets, 300 g
Code: V508E36
Barcode: 4770875164126
Herring fillet EGLUTĖ, 300 g
Code: V508E37
Barcode: 4770875164270
Herring fillet JUBILIEJINĖ, 480 g
Code: V508E5W
Barcode: 4770875164010
Fried herring fillets in tomato sauce, 270 g
Code: V508E5X
Barcode: 4770875165055
Aromatic herring fillets, skinless, in oil, 450 g
Code: V50JC15
Barcode: 4770994170343
Herring fillets, skinless, in oil, 1 kg
Code: V50JC12
Barcode: 4770994170251
Dutch MATIES herring, defrosted, 80 g
Code: U260358
Barcode: 301256
Herring, head on, gutted, kg
Code: V52D21T
Barcode: 23575974
no image
Code: V50JLC1
Barcode: 8717931190534
Herring, head on, gutted, 4kg
Code: V52D22K
Barcode: 23566771
Herring, fillet, marinated, with skin, ~4kg
Code: V52D22L
Barcode: 23575496
no image
Thawed squid, small, with tentacles
Code: U51A76Y
Barcode: 23566951