Smoked sprats in oil, EO, 240 g
Code: U261273
Barcode: 4750616000302
Roach, dried, in bag, ~ 200 g
Code: U265003
Barcode: 2564132
no image
Soup set, fishhead, tail and bones,~kg
Code: U4311CS
Barcode: 23028250
Squid Salad, 15  g
Code: U508335
Barcode: 4810168009106
Salmon salad, 15  g
Code: U508337
Barcode: 4810168011581
Krill spread ANTARCTICA, lightly smoked,150 g
Code: U50833C
Barcode: 4810168035792
Marinated seaweed SANTA BREMOR, 150 g
Code: U508340
Barcode: 4810168020309
Sea kale pickled spicy with aubergines, 150 g
Code: U508341
Barcode: 4810168020361
Sea kale pickled spicy with carrots, 150 g
Code: U508343
Barcode: 4810168020392
Seaweed salad "Chucka", 150 g
Code: U508344
Barcode: 4810168023478
Dried sguid shredded DRY SEAFOOD Classic, 20 g
Code: U5087A1
Barcode: 4751026960057
Dried squid shredded DRY SEAFOOD, red, 20 g
Code: U5087A2
Barcode: 4751026960064
Dried squid shredded DRY SEAFOOD, smoked, 20g
Code: U5087A3
Barcode: 4751026960071
Dried blue whiting DRY SEAFOOD, 30 g
Code: U5087A4
Barcode: 4751026960118
Boiled shrimp meat SANTA BREMOR, Original, 250 g
Code: U51834H
Barcode: 4810168048587
Smoked salmon fillet SANTA BREMOR, skin-off, 100 g
Code: U51838W
Barcode: 4810168029449
Salted salmon fillet SANTA BREMOR, skin-on, 150 g
Code: U518390
Barcode: 4810168036386
Chilled cod codfish Atlantic fish, 140 g
Code: U5183CH
Barcode: 4810168049676
no image
Thunnus albacares, 28+kg
Code: U52S278
Barcode: 23563506
no image
Seriola quinqueradiata,~9kg
Code: U52S279
Barcode: 23556306
no image
Bluefin tuna, 28+kg
Code: U52S27E
no image
Oyster ADRI & ZOON Fin. de Normandie 2, 48 pcs.
Code: U52S281
Barcode: 8719283008888
VICI snow crab sticks, chilled, 250g
Code: V507123
Barcode: 4770190379267
Large surimi shrimps VIČI in brine, 320g
Code: V50714A
Barcode: 4770190066907
Large surimi shrimps VIČI in cili taste oil, 320g
Code: V50714B
Barcode: 4770190073134
Cold smoked Atlantic salmon fillet for salad, 100 g
Code: V50836V
Barcode: 4770486165703
Hot smoked ling  in, 2,5kg
Code: V50836Y
Barcode: 23335403
By-products, kg
Code: V508489
no image
Seabass, not gutted, 400-600g, 6 kg
Code: V50JL8W
Barcode: 8698863690029
no image
Seabream, not gutted, 400-600 g, 6 kg
Code: V50JL8X
Barcode: 8698863691033
no image
Seabass, not gutted, kg
Code: V50JLA2
Barcode: 221209
no image
Seabream, not gutted, kg
Code: V50JLA3
Barcode: 221210