Fish and fish products, canned

Roach, dried, in bag, ~ 200 g
Code: U265003
Barcode: 2564132
Squid Salad, 15  g
Code: U508335
Barcode: 4810168009106
Salmon salad, 15  g
Code: U508337
Barcode: 4810168011581
Krill spread ANTARCTICA, lightly smoked,150 g
Code: U50833C
Barcode: 4810168035792
Marinated seaweed SANTA BREMOR, 150 g
Code: U508340
Barcode: 4810168020309
Sea kale pickled spicy with aubergines, 150 g
Code: U508341
Barcode: 4810168020361
Sea kale pickled spicy with carrots, 150 g
Code: U508343
Barcode: 4810168020392
Seaweed salad "Chucka", 150 g
Code: U508344
Barcode: 4810168023478