Spreadable cheese

PHILADELPHIA, without lactose, 150 g
Code: U432990
Barcode: 7622210230416
no image
PHILADELPHIA, light, 125 g
Code: U432992
Barcode: 5998711723170
PHILADELPHIA, with herbs, 125 g
Code: U432993
Barcode: 5998711723187
no image
PHILADELPHIA, with garlic, 125 g
Code: U43299C
Barcode: 7622210175762
Philadelphia Mousse Herbs, 14  g
Code: U43299T
Barcode: 7622210743855
Philadelphia Mousse Classic, 14  g
Code: U43299V
Barcode: 7622210743848
Spread KEDAINIU Hard cheese, with basil, 280g
Code: V3301AE
Barcode: 4770583221982
Greasing curd 15% oily, with lots of greens, 130 g
Code: V4322J6
Barcode: 4770275048262
Greasing curd 15%, with cucumber and dill, 130 g
Code: V4322J7
Barcode: 4770275048279
no image
Processed cheese  ZEMAITIJOS, with ham, 175 g
Code: V4326FE
Barcode: 4770299046022
no image
Processed cheese ZEMAITIJOS Mildute, 175 g
Code: V4326FH
Barcode: 4770299046213