Soft cheese

Tofu BON with dill, 3%, 250g
Code: C007718
Barcode: 4742117000417
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Cheese Mozzarela, grated into dices, 2,5 kg
Code: U4311AM
Barcode: 3523230016162
Goat milk cheese SOIGNON, 45% RSM, 1 kg
Code: U4311AW
Barcode: 3523230041379
no image
Mascarpone  cheese GALBANI, 80% ,500g
Code: U4325P0
Barcode: 8000430171013
Cheese Mozzarella, GALBANI, shredded 150g
Code: U4325P5
Barcode: 5906207475366
no image
Fresh goat cheese BUCHETTE, natural, 1   g
Code: U432AEZ
Barcode: 3369640030783
no image
Cheese Burrata, box, 125 g
Code: U4D2A20
Barcode: 8033481620476
no image
Cow's cheesse CACIOTTA, with truffle, RSM 42%, 200g
Code: U4D2A27
Barcode: 8007559202659
no image
Cheese Buratta Stracciatella, 250 g
Code: U4D2A2H
Barcode: 8033481620230