Cheese and cheese products

Tofu BON with dill, 3%, 250g
Code: C007718
Barcode: 4742117000417
Semi hard goat cheese SOIGNON, sliced, 50% , 150 g
Code: U4311AE
Barcode: 3523230040617
no image
Cheese Mozzarela, grated into dices, 2,5 kg
Code: U4311AM
Barcode: 3523230016162
Semihard cheese RACLETTE, 3 kg
Code: U4311AT
Barcode: 2997174
Goat milk cheese SOIGNON, 45% RSM, 1 kg
Code: U4311AW
Barcode: 3523230041379
Ceese Mild Cheddar, 200g
Code: U4311B0
Barcode: 5021294001004
Ceese Mature White Cheddar, 200g
Code: U4311B1
Barcode: 5021294001011
Cheese Vintage White Cheddar, 200g
Code: U4311B2
Barcode: 5021294001028
Cheese  West Country Farmhouse Cheddar, 200g
Code: U4311B3
Barcode: 5021294001035
Cheese Red Cheddar, 200g
Code: U4311B4
Barcode: 5021294211113
Cheese Wensleydale & Cranberry, 200g
Code: U4311B5
Barcode: 5021294001042