no image
Light rye bread  with sunflowers, 500 g
Code: V2101V7
Barcode: 4770635198736
no image
Dark rye bread  with sunflowers, 500 g
Code: V2101V8
Barcode: 4770635198989
Light bread SEKLU, 400g
Code: V44134P
Barcode: 4770068198945
Light bread JORĖ, with seeds, 560 g
Code: V44134R
Barcode: 4770068199812
Whole grain bread SUMUSTINIU, 500 g
Code: V44134S
Barcode: 4770068199904
Dark portion bread SEKLU, 300g
Code: V44134T
Barcode: 4770068199669
Black bread BOCIU, without added sugar, 400 g
Code: V44134U
Barcode: 4770068198570
Black bread VILNIAUS, prepacked, 1,5 kg, VDP
Code: V444120
Barcode: 4770163838333
no image
Bread KAUNO, 700 g
Code: V44494A
Barcode: 4771489193410
Dark bread VILNIAUS, sliced, 500g
Code: V445430
Barcode: 4770163838326
Bread TOSTE, sandwich, rye, 370g
Code: V44544K
Barcode: 4770163838135
Bread AGOTOS Seeds, 285g
Code: V44544L
Barcode: 4770163837855
Bread AGOTOS Seeds, 350g
Code: V44544M
Barcode: 4770163838388
no image
Breakfast bread, with pumpkin seeds, toast, 500 g
Code: V44YP1J
Barcode: 4770635198729
Toast bread TOSTE, sliced, 500 g
Code: V444149
Barcode: 4770163835509
no image
Black bread BOČIŲ, 400 g
Code: V44111F
Barcode: 4770068192158
Sunflower bread, 500g x 24 pcs
Code: U4445J0
Barcode: 301462
no image
Bread JORE, black, 600 g
Code: V44111N
Barcode: 4770068196637
no image
Black bread MOCIUTES, sliced, 450 g
Code: V44511R
Barcode: 4770163201236
JORĖ crisp bread, 150 g
Code: V441124
Barcode: 4770068197191
Toast bread with seeds SEKLU, 450g
Code: V44112C
Barcode: 4770068199416
Bread JORĖ, black, with sunflower seeds, 580 g
Code: V44136M
Barcode: 4770068197214
Bread JORĖ, white, sliced, with seeds, 280 g
Code: V44136N
Barcode: 4770068196804
Veggie toast bread GARDĖSIO with parsnip, 450 g
Code: V44544E
Barcode: 4770068198105
TIP TOP mini sandwich bread, 240 g
Code: V44136P
Barcode: 4770068191243
no image
Bread GUDOBELĖS, sliced, 7   g
Code: V44211H
Barcode: 4770350141185
no image
Bread PALANGOS, sliced, 700 g
Code: V44211J
Barcode: 4770350141208
Sandwich bread, sliced, 500 g
Code: V44211P
Barcode: 4770350141154
Bread DIDŽIOJ, light, 1 kg
Code: V44411R
Barcode: 4770163202417
Bread DIDŽIOJI, dark, 1 kg
Code: V44411U
Barcode: 4770163202400
no image
Light wheat bread NAMISKIU, sliced, 600 g
Code: V44421C
Barcode: 4770163201144
no image
NAMISKIU wheat bread, dark, sliced, 600 g
Code: V44421E
Barcode: 4770163201137
no image
Light bread AGOTOS, with sunseeds, 700 g
Code: V444220
Barcode: 4770163202226
no image
Dark bread without sugar, 600g (M)
Code: V444632
Barcode: 4771489193427
no image
Bread PALANGA, white, sliced, steamed, 700g (M)
Code: V444633
Barcode: 4771489193397
no image
Bread BOČIŲ, sliced, 900g (M)
Code: V444940
Barcode: 4771489193403
Bread SUMUŠTINIŲ, sliced, 700 g
Code: V444943
Barcode: 4771489192222
Dark bread without sugar, 600 g
Code: V444944
Barcode: 4771489191324
Bread BOČIŲ, sliced, 900g
Code: V444945
Barcode: 4771489192055
Bread SENOLIŲ, dark, 750g
Code: V444946
Barcode: 4771489191096
no image
White bread with sunflower seeds, 700 g (M)
Code: V444953
Barcode: 4771489193441
no image
Bread LIETUVAITĖ rye, dark, 800 g
Code: V44511S
Barcode: 4770163834687
LIETUVAITĖ toast bread, 500 g
Code: V44511T
Barcode: 4770163834762
Bread LIETUVAITĖ, rye, light, 800 g
Code: V44511U
Barcode: 4770163834670