Donuts and Pastry

Butter croissant, 55g
Code: U4445JA
Barcode: 301238
Donut DOTS Marshmallow, 59 g
Code: U44234W
Barcode: 301460
Mini donuts CRODOTS Assortment, 40 g
Code: U44234Z
Barcode: 301449
Small custard delight, 42 g
Code: U4445JW
Barcode: 301220
Butter mini chocolate delight, 45 g
Code: U4445JX
Barcode: 301221
Bun with cheese and honey, 110 g
Code: U4445LH
Barcode: 301452
FROZEN Kaiser roll, 55gx100pcs
Code: U4445MP
Barcode: 301450
Kaiser roll, 55gx100pcs
Code: U4445MR
Barcode: 301241
NAPOLI Envoltini, 135 g
Code: U51T13A
Barcode: 301228
Code: U51T13C
Barcode: 301229
Hot dog bun PANESCO, 63 g
Code: V44011U
Barcode: 2000
Triangular bun with feta cheese, 80 g
Code: V44011Z
Barcode: 301466
Bretzel, 123 g
Code: U4445EU
Barcode: 301197
Apple pocket, 106 g
Code: U4445F1
Barcode: 301200
Butter croissant, 90 g
Code: U4445FA
Barcode: 301206
Chocolate and hazelnut croissant, 80 g
Code: U4445FF
Barcode: 301208
Filled croissant marzipan, 78 g
Code: U4445FH
Barcode: 301209
All butter raspberry croissant, 87 g
Code: U4445FJ
Barcode: 301210
Cinnamon Swirl SG, 75 g
Code: U51T134
Barcode: 301234
Butter PANESCO hamburger bun, 86g
Code: U4445M9
Barcode: 301446