Bread and products of bread

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Hamburger buns with sesame, 6 pcs., 300 g
Code: U44231J
Barcode: 4028491401072
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Mega sesame burger buns, 4 pcs., 300 g
Code: U44231K
Barcode: 4028491401065
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Hot Dog rolls, 4 pcs., 250 g
Code: U44231L
Barcode: 4028491401058
Hamburger buns, 6 pcs., 300 g
Code: U44231M
Barcode: 4028491401089
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Dry breadcrumbs KLINGAI, 400 g
Code: V12K2P2
Barcode: 4770855212038
Dry breadcrumbs KLINGAI, with turmeric, 400 g
Code: V12K2P3
Barcode: 4770855212045
Dry breadcrumbs KLINGAI, with paprica, 4   g
Code: V12K2P4
Barcode: 4770855212052
Burger buns GARDESIS, with sesame seeds, 140g
Code: V441120
Barcode: 4770068199461
Code: V441320
Barcode: 4770068194077
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Buns PREMIUM with cottage cheese filling, 2 x 65 g
Code: V44134H
Barcode: 4770068195036
Chickenburger with Cheese and Vegetables, 200 g
Code: V44291C
Barcode: 4779031270183
Sandwich SOFT BREAD, with salmon ans egg, 165g
Code: V44291X
Barcode: 4779031276970
Hamburger buns, with sesame seeds, 448 g
Code: V445442
Barcode: 4740072265810
Lavash with spinach, 190 g
Code: V445446
Barcode: 4779037390205
Lavash, 190 g
Code: V445447
Barcode: 4779037390137
Burger bread GARDĖSIO Brioche, 160 g
Code: V44544A
Barcode: 4770068197900
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Breadcrumbs, 5 kg
Code: V445914
Barcode: 4770396190192
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Bread crumbs, (25) kg
Code: V445916
Barcode: 4770396190215
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Bun RYTMEČIO, with poppy seeds, 60 g
Code: V44732M
Barcode: 4770592000660
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Bun VAIKYSTĖ, simple, 60 g
Code: V44732N
Barcode: 4770592000677
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Bun  ŽIEVELĖ, with cinnamon, 60 g
Code: V44732P
Barcode: 4770592000653
Bund with cinnamon, 2x60g
Code: V447347
Barcode: 4770592193140
Bund with raisins, 2x60g
Code: V447348
Barcode: 4770592193157
Buns Brioche, with butter, 300g
Code: V44E11E
Barcode: 4770078195026
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Bun with bacon, 3 vnt.
Code: V44E233
Barcode: 4770078192094
Hamburger with chicken, 195 g
Code: V44TE12
Barcode: 4771069191669
Sandwich Mega with chicken and pickles, 255g
Code: V519AHF
Barcode: 4779031275331
Sandwich Mega with ham and cheese, 245g
Code: V519AHL
Barcode: 4779031275324
Creapane grande dark, 500g
Code: U4445HS
Barcode: 301211
Butter croissant, 55g
Code: U4445JA
Barcode: 301238
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Dry breadcrumbs VILNIAUS DUONA, ground, 400 g
Code: V21L55R
Barcode: 4770163198079
Toast bread TOSTE, sliced, 500 g
Code: V444149
Barcode: 4770163835509
White loaf SOSTINES, 400 g
Code: V444218
Barcode: 4770163199595
SUBMARINE with turkey and vegetables, 285 g
Code: V44TE51
Barcode: 4771069191157
Donut DOTS Marshmallow, 59 g
Code: U44234W
Barcode: 301460
Bread "Barra Galega", 280 g
Code: U4445J9
Barcode: 301219
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Black bread BOČIŲ, 400 g
Code: V44111F
Barcode: 4770068192158