Thermo products

Cold smoked MĖSINGOS sausages, 180 g
Code: V51KF5M
Barcode: 4770609163739
Dried MEAT sausages, 200 g
Code: V51KF5N
Barcode: 4770609162923
no image
Tench, gutted, chilled, ~600g, kg
Code: V52D229
Barcode: 23548653
no image
Oyster ADRI & ZOON Bretagne no. 2, 24  pcs.
Code: V52S250
Barcode: 3700096607714
no image
Halibut White fillet, kg
Code: V52S25P
Barcode: 23566589
no image
Oyster Fin. La Jolie 2-48 unit
Code: V52S25R
Barcode: 8719283044855
no image
Oyster Fin. La Jolie 2-24 unit
Code: V52S25S
Barcode: 8719283043087
Oyster Baudit, 2,24 units
Code: V52S25T
Barcode: 3323541200249
Oyster Favier, 3,25units
Code: V52S25U
Barcode: 3349448300240
no image
Oyster Geay Fines, 2,48 units
Code: V52S25V
Barcode: 8719283044831
Cold smoked mackerel, head off, kg
Code: V52S26K
Barcode: 23566772
Salmo salar, cold smoke, 1-1,5 kg, kg
Code: V52S26W
Barcode: 23575926
Cold smoked herring, head on, 300-500 g, kg
Code: V52S284
Barcode: 23027304
no image
Halibut White with head, 6+kg
Code: V52S28C
Barcode: 285709
no image
Apple Pink lady, kg
Code: V9H121K
Barcode: 315
no image
Watermelon BOLLO, seedless, kg
Code: V9NC54Y
Barcode: 398
no image
Peeled onions, 3 kg
Code: V9NC552
Barcode: 529
no image
Peeled carrots, 3 kg
Code: V9NC553
no image
KUMATO, I class, 500  g
Code: V9NC57T
Barcode: 8718366931945
no image
Broccoli sprouts, 50 g
Code: V9NC57U
Barcode: 8711839002005
no image
Mandarines SATSUMA, I class, kg
Code: V9NC57W
Barcode: 166
no image
Packed sauerkrauts, in vacuum, 1 kg
Code: V9NC591
Barcode: 4771535072102
Margarine DELMA, 80 %, 500 g
Code: V9T16CW
Barcode: 8719200119550
Margarine DELMA, with salt, 500 g
Code: V9T16CY
Barcode: 8719200119727
Margarine DELMA, butter taste, 500 g
Code: V9T16CZ
Barcode: 8719200120020
no image
Golden dorado, fillet, kg
Code: V9Z117S
Barcode: 23027434
Halibut White cuts, kg
Code: V9Z118F
Barcode: 221275
no image
Ledger cod cuts, kg
Code: V9Z118J
Barcode: 23028429
no image
Pike cuts, kg
Code: V9Z118K
Barcode: 23028430
Red  paprika, I class, kg
Code: X201456
Barcode: 618
Cherry tomatoes, I class, kg
Code: X201995
Barcode: 193