Thermo products

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Girasoli fresh pasta, with mushroom filling, 250 g
Code: U25014J
Barcode: 8007303009527
Canned elk, 250 g
Code: U260170
Barcode: 4751020350076
Canned venison, 250 g
Code: U260171
Barcode: 4751020350014
Canned wild boar, 250 g
Code: U260172
Barcode: 4751020350021
Canned roe deer meat, 250g
Code: U260173
Barcode: 4751020350045
Dried beef snack MEATOS, 30g
Code: U2601U7
Barcode: 4779037670116
Dried pork snack MEATOS, 30g
Code: U2601U8
Barcode: 4779037670109
Smoked sprats in oil, EO, 240 g
Code: U261273
Barcode: 4750616000302
Smoked sprats EO Riga, in oil, 160 g
Code: U261274
Barcode: 4750616001132
Roach, dried, in bag, ~ 200 g
Code: U265003
Barcode: 2564132
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Quail eggs, 12 pieces.
Code: U291A19
Barcode: 4751025750048
Code: U33A113
Barcode: 427
Cheese Mild White Cheddar, sliced, 150 g
Code: U4311BN
Barcode: 5021294106112
Cheese Oak Smoked Chedder, sliced, 150 g
Code: U4311BP
Barcode: 5021294108321
Cheese Monterey Jack, sliced, 150 g
Code: U4311BR
Barcode: 5021294108598
Cracked black pepper cheddar cheese, sliced, 150 g
Code: U4311BS
Barcode: 5021294106297
Cheese Jalapeno & Garlic Cheddar, sliced, 150 g
Code: U4311BT
Barcode: 5021294106310
Cheese Oak Smoked Chedder, pieces, 200 g
Code: U4311BU
Barcode: 5021294105764
Cracked black pepper cheddar cheese, pieces, 200 g
Code: U4311BW
Barcode: 5021294105887
Cheese Jalapeno & Garlic Cheddar, pieces, 200 g
Code: U4311BX
Barcode: 5021294105740
Cheese Fourme d`Ambert, ~2,3 kg
Code: U4311CF
Barcode: 23467200
Cheese SOIGNON Camembert, 180 g
Code: U4311CL
Barcode: 3394230110613
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Emmental cheese ENTREMONT, 2 kg
Code: U4311CM
Barcode: 23028082
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Soup set, fishhead, tail and bones,~kg
Code: U4311CS
Barcode: 23028250
Philadelphia Jalapeno 10CA NPD20, 175g
Code: U432211
Barcode: 7622210640062
VSOC Red Label cheese,  40 weeks, ~10 kg
Code: U43262R
Barcode: 27625780
Cheese Asiago PDO, wheel, ~7kg
Code: U43262X
Barcode: 228191
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GOUDA cheese, head, ~4.5 kg
Code: U43262Z
Barcode: 23028247
OLD AMSTERDAM cheese, head, ~10 kg
Code: U43263A
Barcode: 2536989
AMANTI cheese, with truffle, ~4,5 kg
Code: U43263C
Barcode: 23028244
Cheese Appenzeller Classic, ~6,5 kg
Code: U43263F
Barcode: 23028246
Gouda, slices, 150g
Code: U43263H
Barcode: 5902431273341
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Maasdam, slices, 150g
Code: U43263J
Barcode: 5907627470146
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Gouda Cheese strips, ~6 kg
Code: U4328J9
Barcode: 23028195
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Salami corners, ~ 6 kg
Code: U4328JA
Barcode: 23028198
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Hamburger buns with sesame, 6 pcs., 300 g
Code: U44231J
Barcode: 4028491401072
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Mega sesame burger buns, 4 pcs., 300 g
Code: U44231K
Barcode: 4028491401065
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Hot Dog rolls, 4 pcs., 250 g
Code: U44231L
Barcode: 4028491401058
Hamburger buns, 6 pcs., 300 g
Code: U44231M
Barcode: 4028491401089