Thermo products

Canned elk, 250 g
Code: U260170
Barcode: 4751020350076
Canned venison, 250 g
Code: U260171
Barcode: 4751020350014
Canned wild boar, 250 g
Code: U260172
Barcode: 4751020350021
Canned roe deer meat, 250g
Code: U260173
Barcode: 4751020350045
Roach, dried, in bag, ~ 200 g
Code: U265003
Barcode: 2564132
no image
Quail eggs, 12 pieces.
Code: U291A19
Barcode: 4751025750048
Code: U33A113
Barcode: 427
Cheese MONTSALVY Brie, 60% RSM, ~1 kg
Code: U4311CH
Barcode: 2974154
Cheese SOIGNON Camembert, 180 g
Code: U4311CL
Barcode: 3394230110613
no image
Emmental cheese ENTREMONT, 2 kg
Code: U4311CM
Barcode: 276718
no image
Hamburger buns with sesame, 6 pcs., 300 g
Code: U44231J
Barcode: 4028491401072
no image
Mega sesame burger buns, 4 pcs., 300 g
Code: U44231K
Barcode: 4028491401065
no image
Hot Dog rolls, 4 pcs., 250 g
Code: U44231L
Barcode: 4028491401058
Hamburger buns, 6 pcs., 300 g
Code: U44231M
Barcode: 4028491401089
no image
Eggs, M size brown, packed, 10 pcs., ODG
Code: U4D2210
Barcode: 5905625001102
no image
Eggs, L size, brown, packed, 10 pcs., ODG
Code: U4D2211
Barcode: 5905625003106
no image
Eggs AM brown, 360 pcs.
Code: U4D2212
Barcode: 5905625000297
no image
Eggs AL brown, 10 pcs.
Code: U4D2213
Barcode: 5905625000280
no image
Eggs, 2L, brown, packed, 10 pcs., ODG
Code: U4D2215
Barcode: 5905625101000
no image
Organic eggs, 10 pcs. LT-EKO-001
Code: U4D2216
Barcode: 5905625001614
no image
Eggs L size, brown, packed, 10 pcs., BVO
Code: U4D2240
Barcode: 4750456000166
no image
Eggs M size, brown, packed, 10 pcs., BVO
Code: U4D2241
Barcode: 4750456000173
no image
Eggs AM brown, 360 pcs., BVO
Code: U4D2243
Barcode: 4750456000715
no image
Eggs, M size, white shell, packed, 10 pcs., OEP
Code: U4D81A1
Barcode: 4751026760541
no image
White shell eggs, AL, prepacked, 10 pcs., OEP
Code: U4D81A2
Barcode: 4751026760558
Squid Salad, 15  g
Code: U508335
Barcode: 4810168009106
Salmon salad, 15  g
Code: U508337
Barcode: 4810168011581
Krill spread ANTARCTICA, lightly smoked,150 g
Code: U50833C
Barcode: 4810168035792
Marinated seaweed SANTA BREMOR, 150 g
Code: U508340
Barcode: 4810168020309
Sea kale pickled spicy with aubergines, 150 g
Code: U508341
Barcode: 4810168020361
Sea kale pickled spicy with carrots, 150 g
Code: U508343
Barcode: 4810168020392
Seaweed salad "Chucka", 150 g
Code: U508344
Barcode: 4810168023478
Dried sguid shredded DRY SEAFOOD Classic, 20 g
Code: U5087A1
Barcode: 4751026960057
Dried squid shredded DRY SEAFOOD, red, 20 g
Code: U5087A2
Barcode: 4751026960064
Dried squid shredded DRY SEAFOOD, smoked, 20g
Code: U5087A3
Barcode: 4751026960071
Dried blue whiting DRY SEAFOOD, 30 g
Code: U5087A4
Barcode: 4751026960118
no image
Chilled broiler fillet, vacuum, ~5 kg
Code: U509129
Barcode: 2088317
no image
Pork collar, boneless,,  ~2 kg 6100022
Code: U509144
Barcode: 2533908
no image
Pork trimming 80/20, ~10 kg chilled
Code: U509146
Barcode: 2533916
Boiled shrimp meat SANTA BREMOR, Original, 250 g
Code: U51834H
Barcode: 4810168048587