Presentation and conference facilities

White A4 Magic Whiteboard - 20 sheets
Code: D254223
Barcode: 5060182800152
Green colour static film, A4, 20 sheets
Code: D254224
Barcode: 5060182800206
White Magic Sticky Notes, 50 sheet & pen
Code: U86MW16
Barcode: 5060182800138
Clear Magic Sticky Notes, 50 sheet & pen
Code: U86MW19
Barcode: 5060182800190
Magnetic white board clening sponge SVS NEW, 2x3
Code: U86P887
Barcode: 5907627312743
Warning stand CAUTION SLIPPERY, 610 x 300 mm
Code: V868A3S
Barcode: 43012230300
Card PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB, 150 x 60 mm
Code: V868A3Z
Barcode: 16202060150
Table WILL BE AFTER 15 MINUTES, 200x100
Code: V868A2T
Barcode: 16232200100
Table WORKING TIME, 300x400
Code: V868A2V
Barcode: 41312300400
Table EXIT, 180x100
Code: V868A2A
Barcode: 86577216
Table, MENU, 300x400
Code: V868A2W
Barcode: 41322300400