Self-adhesive labels 21.5x12mm, squared, red
Code: D117939
Barcode: 4771459049969
Self-adhesive labels 22x12mm, with wave, yellow
Code: D117940
Barcode: 4771459050118
Self-adhesive labels 22x12mm, with wave, green
Code: D117941
Barcode: 4771459049983
Self-adhesive labels 26x12mm, yellow
Code: D117942
Barcode: 4771459050217
Self-adhesive labels 26x12mm, green
Code: D117943
Barcode: 4771459050149
Self-adhesive labels 26x12mm, red
Code: D117944
Barcode: 4771459050194
Self-adhesive labels, 26x16mm, yellow
Code: D117945
Barcode: 4771459050262
Self-adhesive labels, 26x16mm, green
Code: D117946
Barcode: 4771459050255
Price labels, 22 x12 mm, pink colour, 1000 pcs.
Code: D117947
Barcode: 4771459050132
Self-adhesive labels 22x12mm, with wave, white
Code: D117948
Barcode: 2999110220003
Self-adhesive labels 21.5x12mm, squared, white
Code: D117950
Barcode: 2999110215009
Price labels, 26 x 12 mm, pink colour
Code: D117951
Barcode: 4771459050231