Folders (PP and carboard), clip files, report file

Clipboard A4 black
Code: D150554
Barcode: 5701216560573
Report cover Smiltainis, red
Code: D152250
Barcode: 4770644485087
Button envelope Patio DL size (125x225mm) grey
Code: D152873
Barcode: 5907690882112
Button envelope Patio DL size (125x225mm) pink
Code: D153117
Barcode: 5907690882068
Button envelope Patio DL size (125x225mm) green
Code: D153134
Barcode: 5907690882082
Button envelope Patio DL size (125x225mm) blue
Code: D153135
Barcode: 5907690882075
LAF PP/PP ELLER 75 mm, A4 yellow with metal shues
Code: D153153
Barcode: 4771459062241
Clipboard with front cover PANTA PLAST, A4, black
Code: D153611
Barcode: 5902156912013
Flat files ELLER, PP, not punched BLUE, 1pcs
Code: V86OHAR
Barcode: 5908276641857
Flat file, A4, carton, 300 gsm, white
Code: D152566
Barcode: 4770644481331
Flat file Smiltainis A4 cardboard white
Code: D150340
Barcode: 4770644480259