Pet food and care

Food for cats SHEBA, chicken, 85 g
Code: M39992P
Barcode: 4008429084799
Food for cats SHEBA, Beef, 85 g
Code: M39992R
Barcode: 4008429084881
Food for cats SHEBA, veal, 85 g
Code: M39992S
Barcode: 4008429084843
Dry dog food FRISKIES Junior, 500 g
Code: V6125A7
Barcode: 5997204513199
Food for cats SHEBA, Salmon, 85 g
Code: M399942
Barcode: 4008429084867
Snack for dogs FRISKIES Dental Fresh, 180 g
Code: V6125AJ
Barcode: 7613035237506
Snack for dogs FRISKIES Picnic, with beef, 42 g
Code: V612634
Barcode: 7613035236936