Pet food and care

Shampoo for Yorkshire Terrier OVER ZOO, 250 ml
Code: V611291
Barcode: 5900232784257
Shampoo for long hair coat OVER ZOO, 250 ml
Code: V611292
Barcode: 5900232784196
Shampoo hair short coat OVER ZOO, 250 ml
Code: V611293
Barcode: 5900232784165
Dry dog food CANIS Minor, beef, 2,2 kg
Code: V61163P
Barcode: 4770107241540
Instant mashed for dogs  CANIS Major , 750 g
Code: V61163Z
Barcode: 4770107243827
Dog food SPARKY with chicken, canned, 410 g
Code: V61164C
Barcode: 5904941398781
Dog food SPARKY with beef, canned, 410 g
Code: V61164E
Barcode: 5904941398798
Chunks SWEETY KITTY, with chicken, 410 g
Code: V61164R
Barcode: 5904941398231
Chunks SWEETY KITTY, with beef, 410 g
Code: V61164S
Barcode: 5904941398224
Chunks SWEETY KITTY, with fish, 410 g
Code: V61164T
Barcode: 5904941398262
Canned food for dogs SPARKY, with chicken, 1250 g
Code: V61164U
Barcode: 5904941398248
Canned food for dogs SPARKY, with beef, 1250 g
Code: V61164V
Barcode: 5904941398255