Stewpot with lid D 20 cm, H 9,5 cm, 3 l.
Code: SP0108R
Barcode: 8711369838204
Parmesan knife, L26cm
Code: SP10126
Barcode: 8014808695919
Low pot with lid D 24 cm, H 11.5 cm, 5l.
Code: SP10199
Barcode: 8711369836026
High pot with lid D 16 cm, H 14 cm, 2.8 l.
Code: SP10200
Barcode: 8711369837108
Knife, cutting, L 21 cm,white handle, pcs
Code: SP10232
Barcode: 5602538150292
Mat for baking/grilling, pcs
Code: U93A7A8
Barcode: 4779043240464
Pastry torch PROFLAME, metal/plastic, pcs
Code: U93A7A9
Barcode: 4779043240600
Knife, chef, L 24 cm, white handle, pcs
Code: U95536S
Barcode: 8711369842751
Chef knife, 25 cm, blue elastomer handle
Code: U95537C
Barcode: 5602538591477
Poultry scissors, stainless steel, L 25 cm, pcs
Code: U95C130
Barcode: 4010411159279
Burger press, stainless steel, D 12.2 cm, pcs
Code: U95J1H2
Barcode: 4010411152065
Peeler Giesser, stainless steel, 5 cm, pcs
Code: U95K3CZ
Barcode: 4010303071627
Knife Cuchillo Blanca, ceramic, L 10 cm, pcs
Code: U95K3F0
Barcode: 4006528070231
Knife Ceraplus, ceramic, L 20 cm, pcs
Code: U95K3F1
Barcode: 4006528070286
Knife Ceraplus, ceramic, L 13 cm, pcs
Code: U95K3F2
Barcode: 4006528070248
Knife Ceraplus, ceramic, L 15 cm, pcs
Code: U95K3F3
Barcode: 4006528070279
Knife Ceraplus Santoku, ceramic, L 14 cm, pcs
Code: U95K3F4
Barcode: 4006528070255