Napkins PAMPERS Aqua Pure, 48 pcs.
Code: P04G958
Barcode: 8001090603326
Napkins PAMPERS Aqua Pure, 3X48 pcs.
Code: P04G959
Barcode: 8001090603388
Napkins PAMPERS Sensitive,12vnt
Code: P04H175
Barcode: 8001841061979
Napkins PAMPERS Fresh Clean,52vnt
Code: P04H176
Barcode: 8001841041360
Napkins PAMPERS Sensitive,52vnt
Code: P04H177
Barcode: 8001841041391
Napkins  PAMPERS Sensitive,80vnt
Code: P04H178
Barcode: 8001841041421
Napkins PAMPERS Fresh Clean,80vnt
Code: P04H179
Barcode: 8001841077598
Napkins PAMPERS Sensitive,3x52vnt
Code: P04H180
Barcode: 8001841062556
Napkins PAMPERS Fresh Clean,3x52vnt
Code: P04H181
Barcode: 8001841077864
Napkins PAMPERS Fresh Clean,4x52vnt
Code: P04H182
Barcode: 8001841077949
Napkins PAMPERS Sensitive,4x52vnt
Code: P04H184
Barcode: 8001841062624
Napkins PAMPERS Coconut Pure, 42 pcs
Code: P04H484
Barcode: 8001841708676
Napkins PAMPERS Coconut Pure, 84 pcs
Code: P04H485
Barcode: 8001841708874
Baby Wet wipes with allantoin "PETINO", 72 + 12pcs.
Code: V9A10CL
Barcode: 5900095017370
Wet wipes for baby/kids, with panthenol, 72 pcs.
Code: U986AC3
Barcode: 4750550004336