Shopping bag,  DKT,  39 x 45 cm, LDPE, 50 pcs.
Code: V9013AK
Barcode: 4750707007616
Purchase bags, paper, brown , 22x11x24,5cm, 125 pc
Code: V98223N
Barcode: 4779026410709
Purchase bags, 25x14x30 cm, paper, brown , 125 pc
Code: V98223P
Barcode: 4771459049402
Nonwoven shopping bag, 1pc
Code: V98223S
Barcode: 4771459066638
Nonwoven shopping bag for vine
Code: V98223T
Barcode: 4771459067208
Purchase bags, 32x16x40cm, paper, brown , 125 pc
Code: V98223U
Barcode: 4779026410747
Cooler bags made of LDPE, 47x43 cm, 210 mk, 12 l
Code: U984J5E
Barcode: 4002911141663
Paper bags with handle, silver,180+80x240, 50  pcs.
Code: U95Z25N
Barcode: 3700709780018
Paper bags with handle, red, 180+80x240, 50 pcs.
Code: U95Z25V
Barcode: 3700709780100
Paper bags with handle, red, 320+120x420, 50  pcs.
Code: U95Z25X
Barcode: 3700709780506
Paper bags with handle, brown, 320+120x420, 50 pcs.
Code: U95Z25Y
Barcode: 3700709780476