Garden care products

Watering-can, plastic, with spray nozzle, 10 l
Code: V9M2288
Barcode: 5904913543058
Peat substrate SAULA, 20 l
Code: V9M1321
Barcode: 4770229280137
Substrate for tomatoes and vegetables, 45 l
Code: V9M1325
Barcode: 4770229280151
Peat substrate for flowers, 45 l
Code: V9M1331
Barcode: 4770229280168
Liquid potash-soap ŽALIASIS (GREEN), 1 kg
Code: V9M1JE1
Barcode: 4770495343246
Growing bag, 45 l
Code: V9M1354
Barcode: 4770229270831