Garden care products

Substrate for flowers, 10 l
Code: V9M1252
Barcode: 4771306273080
Versatile substrate, 20 l
Code: V9M1253
Barcode: 4771306273233
Substrate for tomatoes, sweet peppers, 20 l
Code: V9M1254
Barcode: 4771306273189
Substrate for maintenance of cemetery, 50 l
Code: V9M1256
Barcode: 4771306273097
Soil for cemetery maintenance, 50 l
Code: V9M1257
Barcode: 4771306273653
Composted potting soil, Universal
Code: V9M1328
Barcode: 4779016970114
Soil for seeds
Code: V9M1329
Barcode: 4779016970183
Grandfather's compost
Code: V9M132C
Barcode: 4779016970145
Compost  mixture for planting in cementries, 25 l
Code: V9M132E
Barcode: 4779016970329
Bulk fertilizer BIOPON, rose, 1 kg
Code: V9M1M12
Barcode: 5904517047181
Bulk fertilizer BIOPON universal, 1 kg
Code: V9M1M13
Barcode: 5904517047068
Bulk fertilizer BIOPON, strawberry, 1 kg
Code: V9M1M16
Barcode: 5904517047204
Bulk fertilizer BIOPON, conifer, 1 kg
Code: V9M1M17
Barcode: 5904517047143
Fertilizer stick BIOPON, universal, 30 pcs.
Code: V9M1M1A
Barcode: 5904517022232
Fertilizer sticks BIOPON, green plants, 30 pcs.
Code: V9M1M1C
Barcode: 5904517024281
Fertilizer sticks BIOPON, bloom plants, 30 pcs.
Code: V9M1M1E
Barcode: 5904517024274
Liquid fertilizers BIOPON, orchid, 0,5 l
Code: V9M1M1P
Barcode: 5904517003934
Liquid fertilizer BIOPON, geranium, 0,5 l
Code: V9M1M1R
Barcode: 5904517003514
liquid fertilizer  BIOPON, million bells, 0,5 l
Code: V9M1M1S
Barcode: 5904517003576
Liquid fertilizer BIOPON, universal, 0,5 l
Code: V9M1M1T
Barcode: 5904517003811
Liquid fertilizer BIOPON. green plants, 0,5 l
Code: V9M1M1U
Barcode: 5904517003644
Liquid fertilizer BIOPON, bloom plants, 0,5 l
Code: V9M1M1V
Barcode: 5904517003859
Watering-can, plastic, with spray nozzle, 10 l
Code: V9M2288
Barcode: 5904913543058
Peat substrate SAULA, 20 l
Code: V9M1321
Barcode: 4770229280137
Substrate for tomatoes and vegetables, 45 l
Code: V9M1325
Barcode: 4770229280151
Peat substrate for flowers, 45 l
Code: V9M1331
Barcode: 4770229280168
Liquid potash-soap ŽALIASIS (GREEN), 1 kg
Code: V9M1JE1
Barcode: 4770495343246
Growing bag, 45 l
Code: V9M1354
Barcode: 4770229270831