Wipers, accessories

Cloth spare VILEDA Easy Wring & Clean
Code: V9A3P2B
Barcode: 4023103195189
Holder for the cloth, plastic, 50 cm
Code: U9814A4
Barcode: 8016728211835
Plastic mop frame Speedy 40x11 cm with flaps
Code: U9814AK
Barcode: 8016728131966
Plastic mop frame Speedy 50x13 cm with flaps
Code: U9814AL
Barcode: 8016728234759
Speedy mop head 50x16 cm with flaps, looped end
Code: U9814AM
Barcode: 4771459049280
Speedy mop head 40x13 cm with flaps, looped end
Code: U9814AN
Barcode: 4771459049297
Microfiber Smart fur mop, 50 cm with pockets, white
Code: U9814CZ
Barcode: 8016728245397
Duster's holder FILMOP Snake, 4  cm, 1 vnt.
Code: U9EAC7C
Barcode: 4771459060957
Duster's cloth FILMOP Snake, blue, 4  cm, 1 vnt.
Code: U9EAC7E
Barcode: 4771459060964
Cotton threadlike mop with pockets, 50 cm
Code: V98469K
Barcode: 8016728097439