Cleaning kits

Broom CENTI, with handle, 1 pcs.
Code: U981413
Barcode: 5903355001195
Whisk CORAL, 1 pcs.
Code: U981432
Barcode: 5903355003816
Long handle dustpan with rubber lip + brush, 1 pcs.
Code: U98143J
Barcode: 5903355004936
Cleaning set: bucket and sweeping brush MOP, 10 l
Code: U981449
Barcode: 5903355001898
Plunger, with wooden holder, 1 pc.
Code: U98144P
Barcode: 5903355008750
Window wiper with sponge + telescopic handle 130 cm
Code: U981471
Barcode: 5903355004578
Scrubbing brush TWINGO with handle
Code: U981472
Barcode: 5903355001485
Scourer YORK, 60 g, 1 pcs.
Code: U981475
Barcode: 5903355004646
Wndow washer, complete, 45 cm
Code: U9814A9
Barcode: 8016728090447
Window washer replacement, 45 cm
Code: U9814AH
Barcode: 8016728104243
Plastic mop frame Speedy 50x13 cm with flaps
Code: U9814AL
Barcode: 8016728234759