Pest control products

Poweder for ants and other insects TARIN, 100 g
Code: V965569
Barcode: 8410000380842
Flycatcher ECOSTRIPE Attractive, 1 vnt.
Code: V965666
Barcode: 8594021250503
Gel for soothening stings BROS, 35 ml
Code: V965667
Barcode: 5904517021099
Flypaper BROS, 4 pcs.
Code: V965669
Barcode: 5904517022331
Flypaper BROS, 5 pcs.
Code: V96566C
Barcode: 5904517021204
Mosquito sticks BROS, burning, 4 pcs.
Code: V96566J
Barcode: 5904517021150
Aerosol from mosquitoes and ticks BROS MAX, 90 ml
Code: V96566K
Barcode: 5904517123250
Spray the wasp and hornet BROS, 300 ml
Code: V96566L
Barcode: 5904517021532
Poisons for rodents BRODITOP Next, 150 g
Code: V96566P
Barcode: 8005831064339