Chef's trouser's, white, S
Code: V9KV14A
Barcode: 4771459335468
Chef's trouser's, white, M
Code: V9KV14C
Barcode: 4771459335475
Chef's trouser's, white, L
Code: V9KV14E
Barcode: 4771459335482
Chef's trouser's, white, XL
Code: V9KV14F
Barcode: 4771459335499
Chef's trouser's, white, XXL
Code: V9KV14H
Barcode: 4771459335505
Chef's trouser's, black, size S
Code: V9KV14M
Barcode: 4751017110607
Chef's trouser's, black, size XL
Code: V9KV14N
Barcode: 4751017110638
Chef's trouser's, S
Code: V9KV141
Barcode: 4771459335413
Chef's trouser's, M
Code: V9KV142
Barcode: 4771459335420
Chef's trouser's, L
Code: V9KV143
Barcode: 4771459335437
Chef's trouser's, XL
Code: V9KV144
Barcode: 4771459335444
Chef's trouser's, XXL
Code: V9KV145
Barcode: 4771459335451
Polo shirt, white, S
Code: V9KV214
Barcode: 4751017115558
Polo shirt, white, XL
Code: V9KV217
Barcode: 4751017115589
Polo shirt, white, XXL
Code: V9KV218
Barcode: 4751017115596
Polo shirt, black, S
Code: V9KV219
Barcode: 4751017115503
Polo shirt, black, M
Code: V9KV21A
Barcode: 4751017115510
Polo shirt, black, L
Code: V9KV21C
Barcode: 4751017115527
Lady's shirt, white, S
Code: V9KV21D
Barcode: 4751017110485
Polo shirt, black, XL
Code: V9KV21E
Barcode: 4751017115534
Polo shirt, black, XXL
Code: V9KV21F
Barcode: 4751017115541
T-shirt, white, S
Code: V9KV21H
Barcode: 4751017115404
T-shirt, white, XL
Code: V9KV21L
Barcode: 4751017115435
T-shirt, black, M
Code: V9KV21P
Barcode: 4751017115466
T-shirt, black, XXL
Code: V9KV21T
Barcode: 4751017115497
T-shirt, white, M
Code: V9KV21J
Barcode: 4751017115411
T-shirt, white, L
Code: V9KV21K
Barcode: 4751017115428
T-shirt, white, XXL
Code: V9KV21M
Barcode: 4751017115442
T-shirt, black, S
Code: V9KV21N
Barcode: 4751017115459
T-shirt, black, L
Code: V9KV21R
Barcode: 4751017115473
T-shirt, black, XL
Code: V9KV21S
Barcode: 4751017115480
Jeans apron with chest, black, 1 pcs
Code: V9KV21W
Barcode: 4751017110454
Jeans apron with chest, blue, 1 pcs
Code: V9KV21X
Barcode: 4751017110447
Apron 2IN1, unisex, black, L size, 1 pcs
Code: V9KV221
Barcode: 4751017110430
Apron 2IN1, unisex, black, M size, 1 pcs
Code: V9KV222
Barcode: 4751017110423
Apron 2IN1, unisex, black, S size, 1 pcs
Code: V9KV223
Barcode: 4751017110416
Apron, DB01B, blue, 100 pcs.
Code: U9814F5
Barcode: 5024951015079
Red, ruber, apron, AP14C, 1 pcs.
Code: U9814F3
Barcode: 4771459057544
Pinafore, black
Code: V9KV16C
Barcode: 4771459335543
Pinafore, claret, waterproof
Code: V9KV16A
Barcode: 4771459335536
Pinafore, claret, waterproof
Code: V9KV16L
Barcode: 4771459335550
Pinafore, white
Code: V9KV16N
Barcode: 4771459335932
Pinafore, dark red, sintetic
Code: V9KV16U
Barcode: 4771459336182
Pinafore, blue, sintetic
Code: V9KV16V
Barcode: 4771459336199
Waiter apron with gusset and 3 pockets
Code: V9KV17C
Barcode: 4751017114506
Chalatas, mėlynas su taškeliais, XXL/XXXL
Code: V9KV19C
Barcode: 4751017114537
Chalatas, mėlynas su taškeliais, S/M
Code: V9KV19E
Barcode: 4751017114513
Chalatas, mėlynas su taškeliais, L/XL
Code: V9KV19F
Barcode: 4751017114520