Mineral water

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Water NORTE, non-carbonated, with zinc, 1.5l
Code: H71M27F
Barcode: 4770477227656
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Water NORTE, carbonated, calcium-free, 1.5l
Code: H71M27H
Barcode: 4770477227694
Water NORTE, light carbonated, with selen, 1.5l
Code: H71M27M
Barcode: 4770477227670
Carbonated Table Water Fuldataler 1.5l D
Code: U409122
Barcode: 4740042700884
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Still Table water FULDATALER, 1,5 l
Code: U409123
Barcode: 4740042700891
Carbonated table water Fuldataler 0,5l
Code: U409124
Barcode: 4740042700914
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Non-carbonated table water Fuldataler 0,5l
Code: U409125
Barcode: 4740042700921
Mineral water FERRARELLE, natural sparkling, 0,33 l
Code: U9JA5SJ
Barcode: 4771459054192
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Mineral water NATIA, still, 0,33 l
Code: U9JA5SK
Barcode: 4771459054208