Sweets MIGLE, 190 g
Code: V287839
Barcode: 4770100400609
Candy box MILKA Moments MIX, 97g
Code: V2872A1
Barcode: 7622210653062
Candy box MILKA Moments Toffee Whole Nut, 97g
Code: V2872A2
Barcode: 7622210656087
Candy box MILKA Moments OREO, 92g
Code: V2872A3
Barcode: 7622210653147
Candy box  MILKA Alpine Milk, 330 g
Code: V2872NF
Barcode: 7622210283276
Candy box MILKA  Mam Happy Cows, 330 g
Code: V2872WV
Barcode: 7622210283245
Chocolate mix MILKA Mix Single, 138 g
Code: V36U1WM
Barcode: 7622210711472
Chocolate sweets GEISHA, 150g
Code: X216396
Barcode: 6411401072703
Dark chocolate sweets GEISHA, 150g
Code: C011405
Barcode: 6416453072817
Chocolate sweets GEISHA, 270g
Code: V28J56A
Barcode: 6416453071124
Sweets FERRERO Collection, 269 g
Code: V281346
Barcode: 8000500247167
Sweets ROCHER, 16 pcs.
Code: V281345
Barcode: 8000500003787
Candies RAFFAELLO, 150 g
Code: V281335
Barcode: 8000500023976
Sweets RAFFAELLO, 230 g
Code: V281336
Barcode: 4008400183022
Candies TOFFIFEE, 125 g
Code: V285153
Barcode: 4014400400007
Candies TOFFIFEE, 125 g
Code: V285157
Barcode: 4014400400007
AFTER EIGHT Classic, 200g
Code: V286628
Barcode: 5000189363069
Sweets MERCI Crispy Almond, 250 g
Code: V28513E
Barcode: 4014400917956
Sweets MERCI Grosse, 250 g
Code: V28513A
Barcode: 4014400901191
Assorted chocolates REGENT, 400 g
Code: V28352V
Barcode: 4000415338503
Sweets PERGALĖ Sostinės, 170 g
Code: V28025W
Barcode: 4770179100127
Assorted sweets PERGALĖ Hazelnut Collection, 120 g
Code: V28026P
Barcode: 4770179119389
Sweets collection PERGALĖ  Milk Collection, 125 g
Code: V28026T
Barcode: 4770179119488
Assorted sweets PERGALE, with dark chocolate, 373 g
Code: V280251
Barcode: 4770179119525
Assortment of sweets PERGALĖ Roses, 382 g
Code: V36U769
Barcode: 4770179106396
Truffles PERGALĖ, with cognac, 200 g
Code: V28C9E3
Barcode: 4770179182666
Truffles PERGALE Original, 200 g
Code: V28C9E1
Barcode: 4770179182826
Assorted sweets PERGALE Unique, 200g
Code: V36U76J
Barcode: 4770179180174
Assorted sweets PERGALE Unique, 253g
Code: V36U76K
Barcode: 4770179118801
Assorted sweets PERGALĖ Senasis Vilnius, 382 g
Code: V36U76A
Barcode: 4770179117521
Assorted sweets PERGALĖ Vilnius Assorti, 382 g
Code: V36U76D
Barcode: 4770179116845
Sweets VILNIUS, 170 g
Code: V28C23C
Barcode: 4770179100080
Chocolate sweets collection PERGALĖ Lietuva, 382 g
Code: V28026V
Barcode: 4770179106341
Bananas in chocolate SIR CHARLES, 300 g
Code: X408209
Barcode: 9002859058172
Chocolate candies LAIMA, assorti, 95 g
Code: X406591
Barcode: 4750001943412
Milk chocolate candies assorted LAIMA 215 g
Code: V28J58Z
Barcode: 4750001008180
Dark chocolate asorti LAIMA Lietuva, 360 g
Code: V28J55R
Barcode: 4750001817034
Dark chocolate sweets LAIMA Vilnius Asorti, 360 g
Code: V283544
Barcode: 4750001008067
Chocolate candies assorted LAIMA, 470 g
Code: V28J590
Barcode: 4750001814743