Sweets CELEBRATION a sweet form box, 98g
Code: C047935
Barcode: 5000159500739
Chocolates candy CELEBRATIONS BUNNY, 196g.
Code: M4014A2
Barcode: 5000159500845
Biscuits PRIMART Heart, 350 g
Code: U215324
Barcode: 5907768228279
Biscuits PRIMART Gingerbread man, 350 g
Code: U215325
Barcode: 5907768227401
Biscuits PRIMART Snowflakes, 300 g
Code: U215327
Barcode: 5904356956248
Cake FONTANA Pannetone Classic, 500 g
Code: U288534
Barcode: 8005505005774
Truffles PERGALĖ Holiday Collection, 200 g
Code: V20391R
Barcode: 4770179997659
Candy set KALEV, 650 g
Code: V20642E
Barcode: 4740012074366
Milk chocolate LAIMA Drako, 20 g
Code: V20642F
Barcode: 4750001952278
Truffles LAIMA Holiday, 1 kg
Code: V20642H
Barcode: 4750001953527
Dark chocolate LAIMA, with hazelnuts, 300g
Code: V20642K
Barcode: 4750001955262
Candy set LAIMA Bitter chocolate, 215 g
Code: V20642L
Barcode: 4750001955309
Christmas candy set LAIMA For children, 500 g
Code: V20642M
Barcode: 4750001955408
Chocolate candy set LAIMA, 800 g
Code: V20642N
Barcode: 4750001955422
Ginger balls SELGA, in milk chocolate, 150 g
Code: V20642S
Barcode: 4750007789908
Ginger balls SELGA, in white chocolate, 150 g
Code: V20642T
Barcode: 4750007790553
Ginger biscuits SELGA Elk and man, 500 g
Code: V20642U
Barcode: 4750007898341
Ginger cookies SELGA, glazed with chocolate, 230 g
Code: V20642W
Barcode: 4750007899133
Sweets set LAIMA Winter, 450 g
Code: V20642Y
Barcode: 4750001818017
Christmas sweets assortment AHA Large house, 277 g
Code: V286310
Barcode: 4771632314990
Christmas sweets assortment AHA Namukas, 236 g
Code: V28631E
Barcode: 4771632314976
Chocolate egg KINDER Surprise, 20 g
Code: V28641A
Barcode: 80051121
Chocolate figure KINDER, 35 g
Code: V28641C
Barcode: 80969112
Chocolate KINDER, 150 g
Code: V28641E
Barcode: 4008400203829
Christmas candy mix ROSHEN Santa Gift, 160 g
Code: V28C24Y
Barcode: 4770115182132
Christmas candy set ROSHEN Night of Wonders, 277 g
Code: V28C256
Barcode: 4770115182668
Christmas candy set ROSHEN Christmas deer, 277 g
Code: V28C257
Barcode: 4770115182675
Christmas candy set ROSHEN Snow Angels, 420 g
Code: V28C258
Barcode: 4770115182682
Christmas candy set ROSHEN Christmas tale, 235 g
Code: V28C259
Barcode: 4770115182651
Advent calendar MILKA, 200g
Code: V36U12M
Barcode: 7622300339081
Sweets PERGALE Winter Sweet, 1 kg
Code: V36U786
Barcode: 4770179999431
Code: M4014C3
Barcode: 5000159452977
Pie LA TORNESE Panettone Classico, 100 g
Code: U9JA6AA
Barcode: 8003035150377
Pie LA TORNESE Panettone Classico, 1 kg
Code: U9JA6AC
Barcode: 8003035150339
Sweets NOMEDA, with ginger and melon, 1 kg
Code: V36U77E
Barcode: 4770179121221
Sweets FERRERO Collection, 269 g
Code: V281346
Barcode: 8000500247167