Lollipops CHUPA CHUPS Ice Cream, 100 pcs.
Code: V282148
Barcode: 4601798100574
CHUPA CHUPS Fruit with Juice, 100 pcs.
Code: V28214A
Barcode: 4601798100543
CHUPA CHUPS XXL Trio, with chewing gum, 40 x 29 g
Code: V282151
Barcode: 4601798024351
Caramels Lollipops, 1 kg
Code: V28B21P
Barcode: 4823077613487
Fruit lollipop JAKE, in bag, 100 x 13 g
Code: V28825L
Barcode: 8412147017858
Fruit lollipop JAKE MAXI GUM, 26 g x 50 pcs.
Code: V28825P
Barcode: 8412147022180
Fruit lollipop JAKE, in bag, 100 x 11 g
Code: V28825S
Barcode: 8612147510162
Lollipops KRISS, 100 x 7 g
Code: U281L11
Barcode: 5908234490350
Lollipop, Pin Pop Popmega, with bubble gum, 48x18g
Code: V21B27E
Barcode: 7702174073134
Lollipop Pin Pop Soda, with bubble gum, 48 vnt.
Code: V21B27F
Barcode: 7702174074636
Lollipos WORLDS, colourful, with pencil, 24 pcs
Code: V281J1A
Barcode: 9255078601005
Candies on stick ROKS MIDI, fruit taste, 150 pcs
Code: V285742
Barcode: 4829898040327