Chocolate egg with surprise toy, 60 g
Code: V281M10
Barcode: 8699462607258
Sweets MELLER White Chocolate, 38 g
Code: V285159
Barcode: 46110398
Candy LOCKETS honey&lemon, 41g
Code: V28519F
Barcode: 5000159422895
Caramel ROSHEN Minky-Binky, with filling 1 kg
Code: V28B23E
Barcode: 4823077611926
Chocolate sweets RAUDONOJI AGUONA, 1 kg
Code: V28C92Z
Barcode: 4770179123317
SKITTLES Fruit Pouch, 174g
Code: M4014A0
Barcode: 4009900455299
Lollipop, Pin Pop Popmega, with bubble gum, 48x18g
Code: V21B27E
Barcode: 7702174073134
Chocolate egg with surprise toy, 25 g
Code: V281M1Y
Barcode: 8697422653864
Gummies HARIBO Goldbears, 45 g
Code: V283A21
Barcode: 4001686303245
Candies FRUITTELLA Summer Garden, 41 g
Code: V28516C
Barcode: 87108521
Candy LOCKETS Extra Strong 41g
Code: V28519H
Barcode: 5000159423090
Caramel ROSHEN Crabs, 1 kg
Code: V28C23E
Barcode: 4823077604379